[H] Herod <Pantheon> | Website | Semi-Hardcore | Community | PvP | Tues/Thurs/Mon

[H] <Pantheon> US - English.

Server: Herod - EST PvP

Raid Times: 8:30-11:30pm EST

Raid Days: Tuesday/Thursday (occasional Monday)

Loot: Loot Council

About <Pantheon>:

We are a group of friends looking to progress through classic at a fast pace while still having fun. Our goal is to be among the top guilds on the server with a focus on PvE progression/speed runs. We have many strong pvp players who would also not mind a strong core team for the folks with rank 14 goals. We have a former HWL, multi-glad players and an officer roster who have cleared all vanilla content both on retail and private.

What <Pantheon> is looking for:

We are looking for players who are mature, competitive, driven and team oriented with a good attitude. Raiding experience in any form of the game is a very big plus but we know some folks may be just walking into this for the first time and with hard work we have no doubt many can be made great. Keeping a high raid attendance is mandatory as spots will be competitive.

All classes and specs are welcome if you can prove your worth a raid spot via hard work and a great attitude.

Current recruitment:
Warrior dps: Closed
Rogue: 1 spot
Mage: closed
Warlock: 2 spot
Shaman heals: 3 spots
Shaman enhance: closed
Priest heals: closed
Priest shadow: closed
Druid healers: 1 spot
Hunter: closed
Tanks: closed

Send me a PM on bnet or discord for more information.

Join the loyal, join the brave, join the proud, join… the Pantheon.

Bnet: Triggers#11428
Discord: Trigs#4122



Solid group of players. We’ve been around since WoW Beta back in 2004. Many of us have also cleared all Classic content on private servers, with tons of experience.

Also want to add we are a laid back, cool bunch of people. If you’re interested in shooting the sh*t with your guildies, hanging out in Discord, PvPing/PvEing, this is the guild for you.

Feel free to reach out to avanok#1547 or meatysteve#6146 as well!


Bump. Best guild NA!

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Still need a MT?

Menopawzz I love your name but I am sorry. We do not have an opening for main tank.

We are in high need of caster dps and all healing classes

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You guys sound awesome!
Best of luck with recruitment, and we will see you in Herod!



Actively interviewing and selecting members; spots filling fast. Let’s do this

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Good people here. Looking forward to raiding with them and getting to know everyone in this guild better. They were quick to reply to my app and help me with all my questions. <3


Still looking for more members to fill our ranks if anyone is interested. We are growing fast come be part of this great community we have! You will not regret your decision to join us.

hey yo, unexpected bumps ftw! sent you a bnet invite. Would be interested in taking one of the mage/lock or a rogue spot if there is one left.

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Looking forward to completing the content with you guys.

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oh much yeet is required

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A bunch of good people in this group.

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Still actively recruiting- would love to have those interested :slight_smile:

High need for caster dps and heals

bumpity bump bump

Update: Only 1 warlock/rdruid spot left

Still need more warrior dps, rogues, mages, priests and resto shaman

I think this needs a bump. To many good people here not to share the love!

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hyped to play classic again


My friend/roommate and I are likely rolling on Herod and might be looking for a raiding guild. I plan to main a Resto Shaman, and he plans to main a Frost Mage. I’d welcome further discussion of this with you. You can reach out to me on bnet at Aydriann#1158 or on Discord at Aydriann.