[H] <hemingways gun> on Khaz/Dath/Aman Recruiting (AOTC Guild)

'hemingways gun’ Khaz/Dath/Aman is currently looking to recruit a tank for Season 4 and Dragonflight. One of our tanks is stepping away from tanking at the end of this patch and we’re on the lookout for a replacement. As per usual, we’re open to all who have an interest, but in particular right now we’re looking for a tank who wishes to tank in raid and in M+.

The TL;DR version of this post is this:

Raid: Sunday night, 8 to 11, Sydney time. We’re an AOTC guild. Sometimes we do a bit of mythic, but it’s not aimed at real progression, or anything like that. Right now, we’re 7/11H.

During the week, we do mythics, an occasional normal, achieves, and so forth. We keep things pretty chill and respectful cause drama is just… tiring. Like really, really tiring.

Now, for the full thing:

‘hemingways gun’ has raided since Wrath of the Lich King. At the time, we raided heroic 10man, and did that through the next few Xpacs until 10man disappeared and flex appeared. Since then, we have been an AoTC guild. We raid one night a week, on a Sunday, between 8 and 11 Sydney time.

Our guild is an old guild. If you’re wondering who it’ll suit, it’s someone who has played for a while, but who has commitments outside the game, such as family, work, studies. A lot of us have been playing from vanilla, so you should look at the medium age of the guild as 30+. We’re also a female friendly, gay friendly, all kinds of friendly guild. I say this because sometimes it matters for people and it does matter to us.

Over the years, most of our recruitment has been friends of friends and so forth. People who show tend to stay. So, if you’re looking for a chill environment where bosses get killed, M+ gets run, people talk about films and books and beer, drop us a line. You can either whisper for an officer, or you can hit me up on my btag, which is Xaki#1258.