[H] <GöA> LFM dedicated players for (PURE PVP)

Hello Kil’Jaeden,

(GöA) - has made a return back to the server some of you may remember when we were Alliance back in WoD on this realm. We had many fun times with PvP as a whole. We took PvP to a whole new level such as making the guild that focused on nothing but (PURE PVP).

Some of the things we focused on as a (PURE PVP) guild was RBG, Arena, Wpvp, and even having a weekly Tourney which in most cases we would offer gold and mounts as rewards for the Tourney. We want to offer these events again now that we are returning from another server that just didn’t set our expected needs.

We have decided to roll Horde this time around on Kil’Jaeden. We want to offer all these PvP activities to our fellow Horde PvP players. Also, we want to offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere without the toxicity that comes with some PvP guilds.

We offer Guild Repairs, Discord, and a soon to be a very active Discord once the teams are up and running. Most guild events will require Discord as we like to get to know our members. You are not just a number in the guild you’re an actual member. We would like to get to know our members well and how their playstyle is.

If you are a new PvP player we will offer help to those in need or may have questions concerning their class. If you’re a Vet player, well we would love to have you as we have much respect for our Vets as they have valuable knowledge and great suggestions.

We are currently open for all roles for all sections of the guild rather you are into RBG, Arena, Wpvp, Tourney’s and much more. Again, this guild’s main focus will be all levels of PvP as stated above.

Your rating will not be held against you. We just want you in the guild if PvP is your style. We want to have fun with the Kil’Jaeden community like we used to have when we were Alliance.

Sorry about the wall of text. However, if you do have an interest in a guild that’s main focus is (PURE PVP) you are more than welcome to join the ranks as we are now open and doing heavy recruiting.

You can contact me on Bnet: Dreadious#1236 or in the game as Darkleonious. Again, if this guild is an interest to you feel free to contact me via this forum post or through the above contacts.

Thank you!


Moderator: Closed thread as it has devolved into personal attacks between guild members and former guild members.


For the Horde!!


Great group of people, lots of junk flopping around as well. :eggplant: :sweat_drops:


I’m definitely looking forward to wpvp again on KJ with GöA! We had a blast last time we were on the server, and can’t wait to start some trouble again.


Hello KJ,

I hope you all are having a great time in Shadowlands as we progress with the PvP aspect of the game its so much greater now than ever. Thanks Blizz!! We now have the option to have a true (PURE PVP) guild.

Again, all roles are open for RBG’s we dont require any achieve at this time we want to offer PvP love for all people of all exp. We will even form RBG’s for those wanting to learn RBG’s and understand their class if they have questions. We want to be able to help those with not a lot of exp. to become a much greater PvP.

We have high rated vets in the guild with lots of PvP exp. and as we grow we will grow as a guild and community as we continue to reach out to those true avid pvpers. We want to focus on you as I stated in my first post you are more than just a number in the guild you are a person an actual member who we want to help.

If the Alliance is camping you we will come to help remove those responsible for those camping you which is a perk we like to offer people. We also offer guild repairs even to the newest of members as who wants to use their own gold for repairs when you can be saving for items you really like. :slight_smile:

We want to become very social in guild and ofc on discord we came back to KJ less than a week ago and so far have got some very legit players with much respect. Again, if you were around in WoD when we were Alliance you most likely have heard of us. The guild is approching 10 yrs of service of nothing but PvP related events.

Thanks for reading and to those who have an interest in joining a community that has much to offer we are open for all roles. You can contact me on game as Darkleonious or you may add my Btag: Dreadious#1236 if you would like an inv, to the guild or if you may want more info on our current state of conditions within the guild.

Have a great day and game on…



I’d like to join, ill message you in game


Wow you guys seem cool ima message you as soon as you log on


Hello Lininmobs,

Feel free to message me in game or add my Btag: Dreadious#1236 and we can get you into the guild to help you meet all your PvP needs.

Again, hello Kil’Jaeden, we are here to provide all your needs for all sorts of PvP activities. You can have 0 rating to the highest rating we are all members in the guild who have a common interest and thats PvP. We will treat you as a member not as just a number in the guild. Because we know how it feels to be treated as just a number in a guild.

Anyway, we are starting to pick up activity in the PvP dept. as more and more ppl are getting PvP geared and we are currently in the process of forming RBG’s as we speak. But as we continue to add more and more PvPers we will make multiple RBG teams if needed so that way everyone will have the chance to RBG and we dont want to leave anyone out so the more PvPers the better it will be.

As we continue to add members daily we are getting closer to starting multiple Rated Events and Tourneys. The only thing we seem to be missing is you an avid PvP player who lives and breathes PvP. If thats you we want you to join our ranks.

Thanks in advance and again you all have a great day.

“Kil’Jaeden Premiere PvP Horde Guild”

Contact: Darkleonious in game for more info or Invite.
Btag: Dreadious#1236

Looking forward to hearing from you.
Thank You!!!


I am so thankful to have found this guild and community. They are extremely friendly and I love learning from members as well as teaching others. If you are looking for a great pvp guild and community, look no further.


Hello Kil’Jaeden,

First of all “Happy New Year 2021”, from “GoA” may this year bring you plenty of wealth and happiness in-game and IRL. Time to finally get rid of one of the worst years that many people have had to deal with. Many people have had hard times and lets hope this new year brings everything you want all around.

"GoA" is still currently open to all levels and Exp. for PvP as a whole. We are a (PURE PVP) guild that will mainly focus on all your PvP needs rather it be Arena, RBG, Wpvp, and of course the upcoming Guild Tourneys which we will offer gold and other prizes such as mounts, toys, pets, to the teams that win the Tourneys.

We want to bring you everything you could ask for with a pvp guild as a whole. We also offer Free guild repairs to all members no matter your rank and ALL “Enchants” are on the house because we want our players to be set for the very best outcomes no matter what they are trying to achieve.

So, if you are having trouble trying to cap out your vault for PvP feel free to throw your PvP toon in the guild and we will do our damn best to make it happen. “GoA” has a very friendly atmosphere we do not take too kind of people who are very elitest. We do however offer ways for you to become better as we have some very talented members who know their class and specs very well.

If you mess up in PvP we know things happen and we know no one is perfect by all means. We will offer suggestions that may help you play your class with quality and reassurance.

So if you are looking for one of the very few (PURE PVP) guilds out there and you want to play with other like minded individuals we are the guild for you.

If this interest you in any way or if you have questions feel free to contact me on my in-game toon.

GM - Darkleonious
Bnet: Dreadious#1236



We do everything PvP related, arenas, rbgs, world pvp, randoms, skirms, if it involves fighting another player we’re down. Fun group of people, looking forward to more ret pally one shots.


Like to PvP? Tired of Pugs? Well we have the guild for you! Lots of Guild events, RBGS, Arena. Come join and get your 2k Dream


The guild has really started to grow, you can always find someone for arenas or rbgs. Also guild perks, thanks to the gm!


I’m on the toilet right now. :toilet: :roll_of_toilet_paper:


Hello KJ,

I hope we are all enjoying Shadowlands and so on. As far as PvP goes we are all loving it here at “GoA”. We are planning to finally start some guild Tourneys in which we would like to offer a different type of Tourney or Event each week. The population of the guild is growing very rapid as we have RBG’s that are scheduled and unscheduled on a daily basis. We run a lot of low to mid CR to help our guildies push rating and or just casually cap their ranked honor vault in just a matter of a few hrs we have been able to get people 4-7k ranked honor so that they may be able to upgrade the gear they have and so on. Which is one thing I would like to talk about.

As a whole the guild continues to strive and be very open in helping one another including class - spec coaching and a ton of info on Shadowlands PvP as a whole. As you know “GoA” is strictly a (PURE PVP) guild and we want to offer as many perks to our players as we can. Such as guild repairs, free member Enchants and so on. We want to make quality PvP players in a relaxed atmosphere with the none elitist attitudes.

So, if you are really wanting to get serious with PvP or if you want to just casually do guild BG’s and so on we also offer that and we usually use discord for guild events no matter what it may be. What better way than to get to know your guildies and helping them improve while in voice and so on.

So, coming within the next week or so the Tourneys will begin. As we continue to grow with around 50 + active PvPers on at peak times with a little over 300 toons within the guild. Again, we have lots of PvP events coming up here are a few examples of the of the events planned.

  • Arena Tourney

  • Escape from Old Nagrand (Outlands Event)

  • Gurubashi FFA Event

  • Guild Wargames

And so much more coming up within the next week or so.

So if any of this intrest you and you are an avid PvP player who just loves nothing but PvP as a whole then we are here to help you get what you need.

Stay tuned, as we continue to add more and more to the guild as we continue to grow at a very fast paced rate.

Feel free to contact me via Bnet: Dreadious#1236 / In Game name (Darkleonious)

If (PURE PVP) is what you want then we got just the fix for you. Have a great day and I hope you all continue to be a great server from all of us here at "GoA"

Guild Community Link: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-us/invite/vPjLdxEuwjO?region=US&faction=Horde


14 years ago, I sold everything I had and moved into my parents basement, my junk hasn’t seen been seen by a female ever since. GoA accepted me and they can accept you too!


Great guild! So glad to find a PvP dedicated home on KJ!

Weekly events(RBG, in guild arena tourny, and raids on the Alliance)

Doesn’t get any better than this!


This guild is fun. I’ve never had to look for a 2s, 3s partner since everyone is itching for rated PVP in GoA. RBG groups form quickly of different CRs to help push everyone up. It’s awesome.


I’m a dragon chaser. I chase dragons. I Live to PvE. I PvE to live. Then one day I got ganked out in the open @ the Maw. I got back to my body. killed again. I whisper. damn it. Got back to my body, get killed again. BLASTED! I had yelled. The emptiness of warmode on is unspeakable during 5 in the morning. Just my yell echoes across the great Maw. No one to help or to rescue me. I cried myself until it was late evening. I thought it was be safe to log on, I was wrong. As soon as i got my body back a ret paladin 1 shotted me. I screamed out loud, at the world… finally at myself… why was i letting myself get killed. Why do I have warmode on? There it was, another fellow horde in general chat. recruiting all pure pvpers… I was a pve, surely i can lie and get into the guild for protection? They accept me, little did i know they had a little event going on at the Maw that night. It was world PvP night. I got invited and there was a raid of 30+ members slaying the entire alliance faction at the Maw. +Honor here, +Honor there, i was getting so much honor that i got conquest capped at the Maw. If you are looking for a gang to protect you, is the place to be. Just kiss the DON of PvP and you’ll be protected until the end of time.


I sleep uncomfortably at night due to my resized rectum, care of GoA. :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: :eggplant: