[H] <Fallout> on Turalyon-US -raiding and mythic plus fun!

Could use some switch spec classes at times and always open to new guildies. Enjoy hanging out in discord all together while playing. Casual progression through Normal and Heroic level raids. Aim for AOTC each tier. Just normal players doing Azeroth saving things! Mythic plus, raid and dungeon achievement chasers.
-Raid Nights: Tues/Thurs 8:30pm-11:00 EST. Sat 9:00pm EST for alt and old content runs.
-Contact: Sieg#1546, or in game pst Siegmon, Neobovine, or Dragonkinn
-Server: US-Turalyon

Peak guild times are evenings and weekends. Most guildies have 8-5 jobs and families. 35ish age group guild.
Hope to see you in game. : )

Could use a non-druid healer! : )

Fun core group! Still raiding weekly. Come try us out on a drunk fun run saturday nights!

Running heroic every week to get those who are switching raid toons gear! Could use some more ranged dps and off heals for anyone hunting for a guild. : )

Could use a dedicated monk or pally healer. We have a druid, priest and shaman already but could stack for the right person. : )