[H] Faerlina <clarity> Tues/Wed 8-11pm EST - LF FERAL DRUID/ENH SHAMAN

Guild Name: clarity

Faction: Horde

Realm: Faerlina - US EST PVP

Loot Style: Loot Council w/ Class Prio

Raid Times: 8:00pm-11:00pm EST Tuesday/Wednesday


Progress: 6/6 Sunwell

Additional Information: We require full consumes/enchants, knowledge of your class & encounters and we encourage all of our members to be active on discord and the guild.

If interested, please reach out to: Lumind#1450


bump!! Join us on tuesday!!

TBC is here!

bump need hunters!! all but mag down

Recruiting a Hunter and a Priest. Week 1 Kara/Gruul’s Clear. Come join us!

Recruiting!!! Mag will die on monday

Looking for a Hunter & Priest

Need more lads!! Join today

WTB Hunter & Priest. Mag down this week!

Bump, can bring you in to trial tonight (Monday) for Gruul + Mag :slight_smile:

Mag down! All Tier 4 content cleared.

come farm tier4 with us!

Looking for a Hunter!

Where are all my hunter friends at!?

lookin for more!

Recruiting a Hunter and a Shaman!

Come join us!

Looking for a Shaman and Hunter!

Where are all the Hunter’s and Shamans at?

Looking to add a Hunter and a Shaman before Tuesday!