[H] <Elite> Recruiting for Raiding

[H] | 10/10 Molten Core, 1/1 Onyxia, 8/8 Blackwing Lair | Raid Nights: Tuesday (MC), Friday (Pug/Alt raid), Sunday (BWL), Onyxia after MC @ 7:30pm server time | Recruiting for Progression

Elite is looking to recruit experienced raiders interested in focusing on progression. With years of experience in running successful raiding guilds over the course of multiple previous expansions, I’m extremely confident in mimicking that recipe for success. We are currently 8/8 in Blackwing Lair but would like to continue to solidify our core.

Requirements: Level 60, pre-raid bis gear at minimum. Previous raid experience (heavily preferred) or the ability to learn and comprehend. Able to take constructive criticism. A fundamental understanding of your class and mechanics. Discord/mic.

Raid Times: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday, Onyxia reset days @ 7:30pm server time.

Heavily Desired Classes: (2) Fury Warrior, (2) Mage

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to whisper Zarlen in-game, or on Discord @ Zarlen#1079 for more information. If I’m not around, you may also whisper Bilge, Phayge, Redrian, Leafymcbeefy, Durias or Valara. Thanks for reading!

~Guild Master of Elite

The server is starting to see more and more people hit 60, and those mass leveling guilds are not necessarily the right fit for players that want more opportunity for raiding.
Elite never spammed /2 or /4 looking to recruit. All recruits were through personal invite, typically after solid performance in dungeons. As such, 95%+ of the guild is in the 50+ level range and quickly setting up for raids. The pre-raid BiS farming is underway.

Get on board for some solid content clearing.

As a bonus, there are high levels for all professions in the guild, and everyone is always helping each other out. /guild chat is usually pretty lighthearted and funny as well.

Bumping! Currently 4/10 in Molten Core. Solidified raid times/days and tweaked the classes we’re interested in. Thanks for reading.

If only faction change existed.

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Nah! Horde for the win!

What are the raid days/times?

MC tomorrow night. Invites start at 7:30PM server, first pull at 8:30.

Come get some loot.

Updated for being currently 6/10 MC now.

Thank you to all that joined. Great raid night!

Feel free to hit me up whenever you need a tank

Was recently accepted into this guild. If anyone is looking for helpful and active players, this guild offers it. There appears to be a lot of experience packed into this group.


Onyxia Friday.

Ony attuned, and not sure when you’ll get a crack at her?
Hit us up in game for a slot. Invites roll out at 7:30PM server time.

Bumping again, downed Ony on the third pull with 28 people. Killing Rag this weekend as well.

Bumping. 9/10 MC and 1/1 Ony currently on farm. Working on our first Rag kill. Still looking for a few more to solidify our core. Fury warriors are in high demand.

Bumping in celebration of our first Rag kill last night–still looking for a few more members.

Grats on the Rag kill brother!!! Also bump!

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Bump for DPS recruits!
Ony tonight, MC tomorrow.

grats on rag o//


Fine tuned our raid times and shaved down on the classes we are currently recruiting for. We are nearing a one night full clear of MC without world buffs.

Sha-bump. Still looking for a few key players to fill out the raid team. Details are updated in the top post.