[H] Elder Warband -Adults/Raids AotC & M+s


Elder Warband
Horde- Area 52
Mythic + Dungeons
H Raiding Schedule: Weds & Thurs 8:30-10:45pm est

Hello WoW community!!

Elder Warband is an adult AotC focused raiding guild. We raid Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 8:30 pm est till 10:45 pm est. We have no plans on running mythic raids. Our main reasons are rostering and time. Normal/heroic offers great flexibility and nobody gets benched. Raiding is not mandatory.

We also enjoy running mythic plus dungeons. We are happy to run low to high keys.

We are primarily an eastern time zone guild and mainly use discord for voice chat. Members must be around 25 yrs old or higher. Our main reason for this is so that we have more things in common than just WoW.

Our guild consists of adults who enjoy escaping into the World of Warcraft. While we are not hardcore, we all strive to be excellent players. We all love to joke around and have a positive atmosphere. We are active at most times. We have a few work from home folks who you can catch during the day.

We are looking for other adults with a great sense of humor who don’t get offended easily and don’t have big egos. While we have a relaxed outlook, we want folks that can respect their fellow guildmates by making the raid times, being prepared (know the fights!) and participating with other guildies in a focused, but fun, atmosphere. Just because we’re not hardcore does not mean we’re not competitive with each other! We all want to do our best and know the class we are playing. Parents, altoholics, blue collar workers, stay at home or work from home folks, and professionals are all welcomed! We are always looking for folks who have those utility roles as their off spec.

If you are interested in joining or have a question you can contact me @ Okiru#1173 or Elzix @ Elzix#11913. Feel free to also contact anybody in the guild. I’m usually on in the evenings from around 8pm est till about 11pm.

Thank you, happy gaming!!

Looking for Norm/Hero Raid Group
Looking for a fun casual guild!
A-52 (H) Returning Player LF Guild
Multiclasser LF AotC guild

We would like to add more Ranged DPS and possibly a DPS with a healing offspec.


We are currently 7/9N, 4/9H, & 1/9M.
We normally do not do mythic raiding. However, we jump in to do the first boss if we find ourselves with a 20 person attendance night and have time. We also haven’t finished normal because our focus is on the Heroic side of things.

We would love to add some more folks interested in mythic plus dungeons.

(Elzix) #4

We do love some hot M+ action


Do we have a rule about doors? That might inadvertently eliminate some people if they struggle identifying if doors are open or closed.

(Elzix) #6

Door skills, yes. Also, the ability to not roll or blink off the sides of bridges. :slight_smile:


Geez, you ask one question about a door and roll off the edge once… just once

(Elzix) #8

We are now 5/9 Heroic

(Elzix) #9

We are now 6/9 Heroic :slight_smile:

(Bowzix) #10

We would love to add a mage and a DK. Message me in game.

(Bowzix) #11

We are now 7/9 Heroic


We’re hoping to find more like-minded adults. We have a pretty positive group. Couples and parents are welcomed. We’re female friendly :grinning:


We’re now 8/9 Heroic!


Some of the classes that we could use more of right now are: DK, Mage, Warlock, and DH.


Besides the DK, Mage, Lock and DH, we could also use more warriors and monks.


Still looking for more adults to join our crew!


Would love to add more folks that are into M+s, with their mains and alts.


We’re H 9/9 and working on CoS! Would love to find more adults with a positive outlook =)


Our recruitment is pretty open atm. We do have 2 steady tanks and a nice core group of healers. Could always use more folks with those roles as an off-spec!

(Bowzix) #20

We have spots open for any type of DPS and some people with Tank or healing Offspecs as well. Please reach out in game.