[H] <Daydreamers> 10/12H Recruiting DPS! Out of guild raiders welcome

Daydreamers are looking for some new raiders for Ny’alotha!
We accept people who can’t join the guild but still want to raid. If you’re apart of an RP guild and want to raid with us, that’s fine! We have plenty of honorary members in our ranks.
If you’re unsure, you can try us on for size in a trial to see how we operate.

We are seeking:
Heals and tanks for M+

About Us
Daydreamers are a casual progression guild. We keep a casual mindset while having a larger goal in mind (Example; AOTC). We do Mythic+, dabble in roleplay, and just have fun. We’re all learning together, so there is no pressure to be perfect. We will not pressure you to switch roles because we need a specific role/your class got nerfed/etc. We want you to have fun and play what you want.

Contact Us
Guild Leader: Mourai - grovestep#1678 OR grovestep#3293 on Discord

Raid Times for BfA
We raid Wed 4PM-7PM Server Time.
Sunday 4PM-7PM Server Time

Raiding Expectations
Daydreamers is not a guild that is looking for players that only parse extremely high or play a certain class at the highest level possible. People will never be asked to not come to raid simply because they play a class that isn’t “optimal”. That being said, our end goal is to clear the tier in a reasonable timeline while getting ahead of the curve. This means that people will not be able to show up to raid consistently and not seek to improve. The guild is full of people who are skilled at multiple classes/specs and are always willing to help people. This is not a “do good numbers or you won’t be able to ever come” statement; this is meant for the people who constantly show up and refuse to ever improve even when offered advice by others with direct and clear ways that you can improve.

11/12 Normal Ny’alotha
10/12 Heroic Ny’alotha
All previous tiers cleared on normal and heroic

Required Add-Ons for Raiding
DBM or similar add-on

Guild Resources and Communications

Other Activities
Alt runs
Playing other Blizzard games in the middle of the night (Overwatch, Diablo, HoTS, Hearthstone)


Come tell me what to do.


I like to stab things.
Daydreamers lets me do that.


Wonderful guild, and many great non-guildies that raid with us, too.

Mourai mentioned our search for more dps and a future raid leader, but she forgot to mention perhaps the most important part: we need more goblins, please help!


come hang out and have fun


We kill stuff. We have fun.

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Trade me your razor coral please.

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Can confirm, amazing guild. We get AOTC. We get weekly M+ chests. We have fun doing it. Get in on this deal, friends.


PLUS if you join, you get a shiny Daydreamers tag under your name.* So fancy!

*Those joining the raid team but not the guild sadly do not receive the lovely tag, but you’re still one of us in our hearts, promise!

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Hopefully killing Zaqul tomorrow night! Come join us for some butt kickin’

They are a good raiding group! Fun times had by all.

Sorry it’s taken me a bit to add my own part.

I’m not great with words so I’ll try to keep this as brief as possible. I just wanted to say that if you’re looking for a guild full of great, wonderful, accepting people who are just looking for a place to call home this is it. I have met some incredible people through Daydreamers, and made lifelong friends.

We’re not perfect, sometimes we’re cranky, sometimes we get annoyed with each other. But at the end of the day I’m very happy here. I’m not as active on the raiding side of things as I once was, but I still love this guild.

It’s a place for everybody, no matter who or what you are. No matter how good or bad you are at pushing buttons. It’s a throwback to the “sense of community” a lot of old WoW players like to talk about.

Hopefully I’ll see some of you around in a raid or just chatting in discord or guild chat.


Doing a farm clear tonight. Getting a little more gear so we can kick Zaq’ul in the tentacles!
As I’ve said before, out of guild raiders are more than welcome. Want to stay in your RP guild? That’s fine. So long as you’re committed to the team!

Join us cos we’re pretty decent ;^)

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Got some good loots, but saved Zaq’ul progression for Sunday! Join us!

just come and have fun being yourself

Lfm friends to kill things with!

Murder is ALWAYS more fun with friends. Come be a friend today!

! The Guild of a thousand and one follies, lollies, and lick ’em lollies. A magic fountain flow of non stop wine, women/men and hootchie cootchie coo! !

Bumpity bump! Got a couple new folks, why don’t you be one of them?

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I know it’s hard to believe, but these guys are more fun than a pillow fight.

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