[H] Call of Booty SL Raiding

I’m Going to Keep this Short… If you have any questions Feel Free to Contact me…

  • Guild Info
    We are Call of Booty Horde A52
    We are a Mild Hardcore Guild… Casuals Being welcome.
  • Raid Info
    We are Currently 12/12H
    We Raid Tues/Thurs 8-11 PM EST
    Currently Looking to Fill some Last Slots for SL Raid Team.
  • Raid Needs
    We are Needing Heals(Rdruid/Priest) DPS(MAGE, Lock, Spriest)
  • Raid Requirements
    To be considered for SL Raid Team you Must have Current Patch AOTC (if Not Please Submit Past Raid Logs.)
  • Extra
    As I stated we are a Semi Hardcore Prog Guild… With Casuals Being Welcome… We Normally Push M+ Daily
    We are Currently Not Raiding Till Shadowlands… With that We are Staying Active Through Mythic + With Key Groups Going Daily…
  • Contact INFO

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