[H] [Barthilas] <Medicated> LF high end raiders

is located on Horde, US-Barthilas. We’re returning players who returned late BfA, who previously have high end raided.

Recruiting for Shadowlands
is a team of life long pals looking for more than just friendship. If you join we can promise you that you’ll at the very least, feel happy and full. We are currently looking for raiders, not just to raid instances, but to raid friendships.

We are looking for dedicated raiders on prog who want to play in a team with the same mindset.

Raid Schedule; Server Time (GMT+10):
Wednesday: 7:30-10:30pm
Thursday: 7:30-10:30pm

Sunday: 7:30-10:30pm; First few weeks this will be a Progression day, after it will become a alt run / open-guild run.


We’re welcoming all applicants, we’re not expecting everyone to know exactly what they’re playing, but do prefer an idea of role.
Also open to social members, and/or those focused towards Mythic+, or PvP content, as there will be plenty of Mythic keys being ran daily due to Great Vault.

Raid Recruitment

Tank or M-DPS
1 Healer

currently all applicants welcome
No requirements, As long as you’re happy to push keys.

all applicants welcome
No requirements, Will be running RBG/Arena’s, experienced PvP’ers including 2k+

What Medicated expects from you:

  • Be ready to kill bosses. Have a working mic.
  • A positive attitude to raid progression.
  • Respectful of all raid members / guildies.

If Medicated sounds like it could be your future home, reach out to us today!

Contact Us:
Join our Discord below or contact any one officer on the list:

Discord - invite.gg/Medicated
BNet / Discord
Jackyjack#6619 / Jackyjack#5370
Delphium#1777 / Delphium#0777
Merk#1452 / Bemmy#0623

Come join our growing group ! Were all pumped and ready to smash out Shadowlands

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Having raided with and known this fabulous group of people since 2012, I’m looking forward to filling our ranks with even more great players!

Join us because we are cool

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Medicated is cooler than any other guild you might be considering joining.
Side effects may include friendship, achievements, raid progression, bad jokes, great jokes, making fun of the raid leader and bragging rights.
Please consult your first aid professional to determine if medicated is right for you.

Filling last few spots for Mythic Raid roster.
Recruitment - Raid, section updated.

Social guildies for Sunday open runs always available.