[H-Area 52] <Zero Dawn> Open Recruiting for 9.2!

Zero Dawn is a group of veteran players who have raided together since WotLK. We have ranged anywhere from a hardcore Heroic (when that was the highest content), to a more casual group as we have attempted to find a good work play balance.

We are recruiting for an AotC focused raid team, but if we have a strong group that would be interested in seeing what we could do in mythic progression we could also consider that.

Our number one focus is to have a stress free environment, we expect all guild members and raiders to treat each other with respect and help rather than ridicule.

We have a strong core but are looking to fill out the rest of our ranks. Seeing as this is a new raid team we will be looking to get input on raid times from all members but we are a mainly west coast/ mountain team so we would be looking at starting no earlier than 10pm server time (est).

Our current team is flexible so we can fit any desired role or playstyle into our group.

We are welcoming to new and returning players and will assist with getting the gear needed to start raiding.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out and ask any questions, either here, or on BNET.


Hope to hear from you soon.

We are also open to the idea of a guild alliance, if there are any out there who would be interested in something along those lines. Seems like there are more guilds than available players these days. Raid days and times can be worked out between the two groups I’m sure.