☄️[H]<ANOMALY> 2 DAY LATE NITE - Open Recruiting for Eternal Palace

Anomaly is a Mythic raiding guild with a cutting edge history that is returning for 8.2 and beyond (We were active during Uldir and took a break during BoD). Strong history since WoD with experienced leadership that is devoted to always pushing forward. If you were thinking of coming back for 8.2 but felt behind this is your time to catch up with others then push for cutting edge! (Guild leader has recently retired and no longer handcuffed by the real life boss)

8/9m Uldir
7/7m EN
9/10m Nighthold
13/13m HFC
10/10m BRF

APPLY HERE: https://tinyurl.com/y65xcx7r
ACTIVE DISCORD: https://discord.gg/6JKrvg

Anomaly’s motto is short and simple, play your character well, and don’t disrespect your teammates! We are firm believers in this motto and playing by it is the main prerequisite for joining the team. As such, we feel we have created a great in-game home for some of the best raiders on US-Mal’Ganis.

We expect the best from all our players, including officers who live up to their titles and raiders who maximize their performance, not their excuses. Anomaly is looking forward to progressing through Battle For Azeroth in a manner that is both fun and timely!

Our team raids from 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m. PDT Tue & Thur (10:30pm - 1:30am EST)

Please note all raids are mandatory and players are expected to post out in advance when they know they will have to miss a raid, so check your schedule before your proceed further!

Still interested? We require players to perform on average at 80%+ for their item level. If this sounds like the right fit for you, please submit an application on our Discord submit-application channel and hit up an officer (Trexon or Jaýdee) for a Discord interview!

Current Openings:
Healers = Hpal / Disc / Druid
Tank = Closed
Melee = Open
Ranged = Warlock / Boomkin
We will consider all classes/specs, if interested apply! We will open recruiting entirely once we achieve cutting edge, will be accepting all specs and classes in order to compete for a raid spot going into 8.2’s Tier.

What can you expect from us?

-We are picky and only looking for skilled players who are also enjoyable to be around. We do not bend on either of these requirements for our raiders. A lot of guilds recruit the first person who parses high without taking the time to make sure they are a good fit. These guilds have high turnover rates because people are at each other’s throats when progression gets “hard” because multiple people point fingers instead of working together to fix the problems. We are the rare “unicorn” of skilled players that are also friends.

-Within our raid team you can expect a friendly and reliable group of players willing to help out others and also run other content outside of raiding such as mythic+ 5 man content, world quest, ect

-Our raids are laid back with a fun atmosphere, but focused and ready to give it our best when it comes to bosses.

-Raiders that are constantly pushing to improve their characters, Whether it be by re-gemming completely, researching their class consistently, or just working on improving their play style.

-If accepted we require you transfer within 2 weeks to join your new guildmates.

Trexon - Trexon#5549(Guild Leader)
Jaýdee - Jaydee#15747 (Recruiting Officer)


If you are looking to make a fresh run at 8.2 look us up.

8.2 is here tomorrow, looking for a team hit us up!

Bump this up lets get that Cutting Edge

Giving a little insight for those that worry of lack of progression after Uldir. The guild leader (me) had a crazy work accident that required 2 surgeries. Also my raid leader’s wife had a child so with those two things we decided to take a recovery break. We are both back (I’m retired now and have all the time in the world) and getting back to our normal ways of CEing content.

If you are looking for that “unicorn” home where the members are friends and family but also require top 100 type skill and experience look us up. We require 80% average+ logs. We will take our time and find the right players for our team and won’t rush to get someone who has pretty logs but is a cancer. We want the whole package:) If interested, message us (Im always on). Either way, enjoy 8.2:)

Need a lock?

A good core team is coming along, still looking for a few more to fill in the missing holes

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Raid team is starting to come together!

We have our 20 and looking to fill the final 4-5 people for our team. Looking for 1-2 more melee (War/Ret/DH or anyone that can throw down). Also looking for locks and boomies to finalize our dps roster. Message us if interested.

We’re still looking for more members to ensure that our roster is full enough to not miss out on raid nights, apply today!

Still looking for more! Reach out of interested!

Still looking for 2-3 more people. War/Ret (1 Spot) and warlocks/hunter/boomy. Message us if interested!

Raid is coming soon. Dont miss out on the fun!

Just a few spots left. Finalizing our roster this week. Message us if looking for a pro friend guild that will be pushing CE. (we also do fantasy football…lol…random info)

Still looking for that special guild? We are looking for you! Don’t be scared, we don’t bite. We destroy bosses with passion and love and we get all the lootz! come join us! Join the

I play since vanilla, I’m looking for a mythic guild for next tier as my schedule cleared up and I’m now available to play. I was playing with the guild Calculated on malganis last time I played seriously and we got cutting edge for every tier in Legion. I geared up my character as much as I could for next tier but I didn’t raid this expansion. Just looking for a new home. Kiffz#1948 if you’re interested in a top tier rogue.

Added you kiffo. Happy 4th of July everyone. Still looking for 1 more ranged (BM/Boom/Lock preferred but open to any pro players. 1 Warrior and 1 healer.

Still looking for 1 healer to finish out our core. Resto Shaman/Druid/Holy Priest. Message us, we will be on most of the weekend. Raids soon!