[H] 8/8H, 4/8M, one night a week

Endless Fury – Horde Saurfang PvE

1 night a week raiding
Sunday nights, 1900 (7pm) -2230 (10:30pm) server time

We finished Nighthold 6/10M, ToS at 5/9M and Antorus at 10/11M - all on the light 1 night a week schedule. Currently 8/8H and 4/8M.

Currently seeking a couple of exceptional DPS.

Whilst we only raid one night a week, most of our players have high played time during the week to work on our characters and ensure we squeeze the best out of them – it’s just that now we’re all old with kids and real jobs and cannot commit to several hours consecutively more than one night a week.

To maintain a Heroic roster spot, you need to be ranking ~50% or higher for your spec.
To increase your chances of getting a Mythic run, you need to be ranking 70%+.
You would be unlikely to be able to achieve all those requirements at low ilvl or artifact trait level – we are not after project players to gear up, we need players who can contribute straight away

The kind of player we are after is one that takes a Mythic progression raider mindset, and applies that to one night a week raiding.

Apply at www. endlessfury. guildlaunch. com or speak to one of us in-game (we may be playing an alt, so /who Endless Fury and ask someone if an Officer is online).

Endless Fury
GM – Xeinormous
Officers – Ydoajin, Morgip, Necrotic

Lots of guilds - not many raiders classic oceanic server

Finally got near 20 on, pugged one, and killed Mythic Vectis