371 Horde Priest LF guild

Who I am:
I am an achievement junkie, mad mog and pet collector who also really enjoys raiding and mythic plus. I also love my priest - she has been my main since BC. I am a very seasoned raider - I have raided since vanilla (all the way up to original naxx) and on this character since BC. On my priest, I have predominantly raided shadow except for SWP in BC when CoH spam was OP and in BFA. I have cleared H Uldir as holy and done m+ as both holy and discipline. While my preferred spec at this time is holy, I am willing and very capable at playing all three specs. For more details on my experience, feel free to look me up on warcraft logs, raider io or peruse my extensive achievements on armoury.

What I’m looking for:

  • A friendly, mature-aged guild that has active members keen for high m+. Since my fellow guildies have retired from wow, my ability to progress in this area has been hampered in group finder and this is one of the aspects of the game I enjoy the most.
  • Raiding wise, mythic is not essential, I am mainly keen to experience the content with a nice bunch of people rather than only seeing it in LFR.
  • Time for gaming these days is precious, so I am only able to raid 1-2 nights a week to leave me time to pursue other in-game interests such as m+ and mog/mount farming.
  • The earliest raid start I can attend is 8 PM server time.
  • For the Horde! I am not interested in changing factions.
  • Ideally I would prefer to stay on Saurfang as the transfer of my main and many high level alts would be an expensive exercise. However, I would move for the right guild.

If your guild sounds like it would be a good fit and is looking for a priest, my bnet is Savriel#1878 or post here to chat further.



ps my husband is in the same position and is a warlock looking for a home if you also need ranged DPS. However, package deal is not a prerequisite.

Hi Savriel,

I’m from a small guild on Saurfang. Our aim is to clear Heroic raid content and get AOTC in every tier. We raid one night a week on Sundays although we do have an optional night on Mondays for when a raid is new and later on for looking at a few Mythic bosses.

Most of our members have been playing the game for a while, some since Vanilla, while others are new or have recently come back to the game.

We definitely have a raid spot for a priest and a warlock if you are still looking for a guild. We are a small group and have had to pug numbers recently, but we have cleared 8/8H and 2/8M Uldir.

As for M+ dungeons, we tend to run them ad hoc throughout the week as people are on. We get our +10 for the week without an issue and sometimes go for a higher key but it depends on who is willing to go that extra mile.

Let me know if this interests you, my bnet is Skathlok#6824.

Depends on how negotiable the 8pm start time is as we start at 7pm, but it is Sunday nights only. We have several people that like to stay up late pushing M+'s.

Thanks for the replies. Our difficulty with earlier start times is that we’re in SA and have 2 small children who are unfortunately not in bed by 7 pm server (6.30 our time) :frowning:
One of us could be on time for earlier starts, but the other would be late. We’re happy to do that if the guild is flexible, but know it’s not ideal.

On a side note, we did SoO achievement runs at the end of MoP with some of the EF crew back then, fun times. :slight_smile:

If you and your partner are interested we can see what we can do.

At the very least we can offer our Friday alt/casual runs (well, at the moment we are doing RBGs for fun until 8.1 because H Uldir is boring) that doesn’t start until 8:30 server time. But we do have many that are looking for late night M+ runs during the week and they are screaming for a healer to run with regularly to push high keys.

Hey there! Have a read of our post here: [H] Barthilas - <Lucidity> 8/8H Recruiting!

We’re looking for a healer and any dps for next tier and would love to have you if you’re willing to transfer to Barthilas. Add me on bnet Owleriffic#1951 if you want to chat/learn more about us. :slight_smile: