[H] [7/8M EP] <Really Bad Players> 2-Day Seeking Healer, BrM, and DPS

<Really Bad Players> is a longstanding Horde guild on Area 52* seeking competitive players as we finish our progression in The Eternal Palace and beyond.

*We are a recent transfer from Blackrock, if you wish to look up our current progress and logs.

Our roster is comprised of raiders who seek cutting-edge progression while divorcing from a four-night raiding schedule. We aim to strike a balance between a performance-first progression roster and maintaining a casual adult atmosphere where we can laugh at our mistakes as a way of improving our play.

As a two-night guild we will never add another mandatory raid night, however we do require exceptional attendance from our raiders.

About Us

  • US - Horde - Area 52
  • Raids Sunday & Monday 7:00 - 11:00 PM PST or 10:00 - 2:00 AM EST
  • [7/8M EP] [9/9M CE BoD] [8/8M CE Uldir]
  • Loot Council Gear Distribution

Recruitment Goals
We are currently recruiting for the following:

  • Healers: We are seeking a Discipline Priest or Resto Druid for a core healing position, flex healers as well.
  • DPS: We are considering all DPS, with a focus on ranged.

Our raiding spots are performance based, so exceptional players should always apply regardless of our current goals.

Our website holds in-depth information about our raiding expectations and requirements along with our application. Visit us at the link below:


Contact Us
Submitting an application is the best way of starting a conversation if you’re interested but you may also contact us directly for questions or to apply by interview:

  • Guild Leader: Duckies#1999 on Discord (preferred), or Solemnity#1999 on BattleTag.

hpally where are you at??

Where the holy pally / dps at?!

If only people pretended they enjoyed BFA for just one more year.

9/10 dentists recommend raiding with us

Some of us even still have teeth!

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i think any warm bodies will be considered

Who else wants to play with Blackrock’s premier Unholy DK?

prefer cold bodies, but any bodies will do

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wtb more people for progression

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Still looking

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