[H] [7/8M EP] <Really Bad Players> 2-Day Seeking Healer, BrM, and DPS

For the love of all that is holy, all dps welcome

If you play ranged, we are moist and ready.

We enjoy all fatherly figures in this guild.

Even those single mommas who identify as dads?

It’s the genitalia that we’re interested in.

How a holy paladin identifies is no concern of mine.

We are interested in all flavors of ranged DPS though.

Frosted flakes are by far the best cereal

idk why people are quitting for classic

People are looking for excuses to quit the game to play the same game content already released over a decade ago.

because they’re weak minded, classic will die in a few months

In saying that, we are also looking for the weak minded.

Looking for players that can handle more than 1 raid night before quitting hmu!

all on the floor

Gotta smack that.

Consider it smacked

We would even consider recruiting players planning to play Vulpera, we’re a very tolerant group!

Always looking for fresh meat.

Need some tank friends

If you can stand there and not die, we’re 80% more interested in you than anyone else, promise!