[H] 443 Ret pally LF weekend raid guild

Looking for a raid guild going into 8.3 that raids anytime between Fri night- sun night
Would pref Mal Ganis but willing to transfer. Have most essences r3 including CLF

Character name: Shøly
6/9 BoD M and was 3/9 EP M in August, haven’t raided much since then as guild stopped raiding due to being hardstuck on Ashvane / AP burnout / wow classic etc.
Since then I’ve been taking it easy and geared several alts in preparation to tank for a guild in 8.3 but that fell through recently. I have an equally geared BrM monk with bis essences and 70 neck as well.

If you have any questions for me or anything like that feel free to add or msg me on disc:
shafe daddy#5923


Hey there Sholy, would like to talk to you about our raid team here in Hoversail. We are looking to add some more players for our raid team going into the new raid! The majority of us are 4/8M and have previous mythic/CE raiding experience.

Going to leave our recruiting post below for you to read over and see if it is a fit for you and will have our btags in it so you can get ahold of us! Hope to hear from you soon!

Hey Shøly,

I’m Xanas from Resounding Maybe. We are looking for DPS for 8.3 and I would be interested in talking to you. A little about us:

Resounding Maybe - Late night weekend mythic progression guild [H] on Bleeding Hollow

Resounding Maybe is a late-night weekend Mythic raiding guild. We formed as a group of friends looking to get back into end game raiding at the end of Legion, and have since been consistently climbing in rank on Bleeding Hollow.

At out core we’re a relaxed team of progression-minded raiders who understand real world commitments come first. Many of us have careers, families, are busy students, etc. With that said, we do seek the highest levels of content of WoW has to offer us, and expect everyone to come to raid prepared and ready to kill bosses. While we still have a great time during raid, we also understand wiping to repeated mistakes isn’t fun for anyone, and will always work to perfect and improve our team.

In the end we provide a structured and stable raid environment, detailed raid analysis, and a commitment to always make the most efficient use of our 6 hours of boss time. In turn we expect you to take time outside of raid to plan and prepare yourself to reliably carryout mechanics while magnifying your role in the raid.


  • 6/8M AEP
  • 2/2H CoS
  • 8/9M BoD
  • 3/8M Uldir

Raid Times:

  • Fridays | 12am-3am EST
  • Saturdays | 11pm-2am EST
  • Wednesdays (Optional Heroic) | 11pm-2am EST

Logs required. Please apply at: https:// guilded.gg/r/AdrRpmKeDl?i=GAnne53A (remove space).

For more info, please contact Xanas#9343 (discord) or Kettch#6262 (discord).