[H] 4/8M Two-Night LF 1-2 Ranged DPS/Heals (Tues/Thur 8-11pm EST)

Impact (Area 52-Horde) is looking for 1-2 ranged DPS and 1 priest healer for our 4/8M Raid Group! In just 10 weeks on six hours per week, we revived our raiding core and have achieved some impressive kills.

With our eyes now on the rest of the tier and upcoming 8.3, we need some exceptional raiders to round out our roster. No bias, No drama, Best 20 raiders for the fight will raid.

Server: Horde - Area 52 (US)
Progression: 4/8M EP
Schedule: Tues/Thurs 8:00-11:00pm EST

Officer Contact Information

Guild/Raid Lead In-Game - Churchdk/Churchheals
Bnet - Church#1680
Discord - Church#4294

In-Game - Bludreign
Title- Recruiting Officer
Bnet - Bludreign#1446

Add either of us and ask for discord info to check out logs, roster, rules, and our guild-first kill videos!

Still on the hunt

Come chill!

Great group, great guild, great atmosphere! Hit one of us up ign/bnet.

Plenty of room for solid ranged dps

Let’s goooooo!

Where oh where have all the ranged dps gone

Finishing out 8.2.5 strong, eyes on the prize of 8.3. We’re going to be a solid guild going STRAIGHT in to progression for 8.3. Come be a part of the myth, the legend, <Impact> Area-52!

Come join us, its the only way you’ll be able to find me, since I’m just so damn sneaky.

He’s literally the opposite of sneaky.

Y’all need to get a room

Church you only have 2075 achievement points.

Looking for strong dps to hang out and kill things

DPS and Healers! Come chill!

Need that dps! We’re pretty cool.

Still need some solid ranged dps. Hit us up today and maybe find a forever home!

Still looking for a few solid peeps to come have fun with us!