[H] 1 Tank and 1 DPS Or Healer LFG

Hi all -

My friend and I are looking for a Heroic \ Mythic plus guild that primarily raids on weekdays. 7PM-12 PM EST are prime start times; preferably 3 hours / 2 days a week.

We’ve been playing WoW for a long time (back when Vanilla was still vanilla) mixed bag of raiding experience, mixed bag of Office roles, leading guilds etc.

We’re looking for primarily for a casual CE Heroic guild and M+ guild. Wouldn’t mind stepping into Mythic raiding with a chill group.

Let us know - hit us up, we’re friendly.
Bnet tag: Karange#1947

Eh - well also just realized my avatar is HORRIBLY outdated… apologies.

Hey man, you two look like a really good fit for our guild. My bnet is vmsfroggy#1886 and my discord is vmsforggy#4819 if you want to talk more. Here is a little bit about us:

We are perfect for your needs, we are an Alliance raid Mon/Thur 9pm to 11:30p/midnight CST (or 10pm-1am EST). We are in need of a tank and a healer that is okay swinging DPS. We are largely a heroic raid guild and mythic raiding once it opens up for cross server (usually the first few in mythic). Our guild is also mythic+ crazy with folks in the 2-3k io score range as of late. Check out our recruitment post here:

We would be glad to talk to you!