Gushing Wound Adjustment -- Update May 27

We encountered issues making the previously-announced adjustment to the Gushing Wound Corruption Effect. While we believe we have it sorted now, this week’s competitive PvP is underway and it’s unfair to make changes like this in the middle of events.

Our plan is to now reduce the damage done by Gushing Wound with weekly maintenance next week, on June 2 in this region.

How could you have an issue with that? Isn’t it just a matter of changing a number?

Not being a hater. Genuinely curious.

I thought it was bugged. Well at least you confirmed my suspicions. Keep up the updates they are appreciated.

Well it’s obviously not just “changing a number”.

How so? It has a set base damage that they can just change.

I didn’t code it. I have no idea how it works and what it interacts with.

Can you make the nerf for pvp only, why does pve have to suffer just because something is broken when stacked in pvp, you do know twilight dev is broken everywhere and tanks are legit 1 shotting people in arena with 0 counterplay. also thanks to 12% vers amps and surging vitaility, gushing is the last thing youd expect from pvp, i bet in the tourny you prob wont even see a single player with 1 lol.


A great opportunity to nix this nerf before it goes live!

Considering that they added in a new item to apply the corruption to items and had to tweak existing items to be able to add corruptions this is probably a more unique case than just a number that can get pushed out to every item that has the effect. Just guessing, but it’s probably more of an issue of making sure the tweak actually pushes to every single instance of it.



Are you still planning a 35% reduction or have the numbers changed since then?

The issue is that it may throw off comps that were using gushing wounds, as they would have to find a new comp on the fly, better to put if off then throw off a bunch of different groups heading into the tournament

So we can fully expect that Gushing Wounds will show up on the vendor next Tuesday?

Just glad you’re destroying it for pve because of Arena World Snoozefest

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They gotta make sure those 25 viewers don’t have their experience ruined.

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Funny that gushing wounds legit does nothing in pvp and its obvious in the tourney that everyone just stacked vers% lol. now they got an even bigger issue as every go was avoided thanks to vitaility conduit and psyhic shell trinket from nzoth and no1 died till 50% + damp.