Was gushing nerfed?

It’s still doing insane damage in arena?

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They forgot to actually nerf it

i didnt have one to test but it was adjusted in simc, i still dont think the nerf is in place as they are prob reconsidering it, they have so many broken corruptions that nerfing wounds is not gonna do anything but force people to move to the next best thing. while also making specs/classes that scale with stat amps better in both pve an pvp. i dont think wounds should be that op in pvp but in pve its perfectly fine.

Not yet my friend, still enjoying gush life x

They died from gushing wounds procs before they could hit it with the nerf bat.

Blizzard mentioned it would be unfair to make changes during the middle of a PvP competition.

I wonder if all the competitors knew that the nerf didn’t go live as planned. It would be unfair if some of the players thought that gushing wounds was nerfed, and then they had an unpleasant surprise during the tournament.

Wow. These developers are special.

Funny how theh try to act like they care. You know it would be more fair if they just disabled corruption for tournament play and balance them on live. It’s not fun for the competitors to have to play around these passive procs and passive tankiness not is it enjoyable to watch.

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