Guild Wars 2 did it better

LOL I play other games, honey. I’m not married to this one. :rofl:


WoW is a ripoff of Everquest.

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I agree. The World Content in Gw2 is far superior, and works really well. And even the old content is still relevant in the world.

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Evidently you didn’t get the gryphon, because dragonflying is almost a 1:1 copy of it. Hilarious seeing your confidence about this with clearly no experience.

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I miss my roller beetle but dragonriding is definitely better than GW’s flying mounts.

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Since I have played all expansions of both games I suppose I’ll weigh in and offer my own experience and opinion.

Initially I was very skeptical about dragon riding since I thought it would be a straight up rip off of GW2 flying because the “gliding” mechanic superficially seems similar at first glance. No doubt they took serious inspiration from GW2.

However, after playing with dragon flying since launch and logging back into GW2 for the first time in a couple months to compare with the Skyscale (GW2 version of the dragon mount) they really feel very different. Probably GW2 griffon is mechanically more like dragon flying, but man does the skyscale feel slow af after dragon riding in WoW and the way you can rapidly gain altitude with dragon riding with the vigor system is much better/funner imo. It just feels better.

TLDR: while similar on paper, dragon riding is much funner and faster

now thats a cap and a half.

NCSoft will eventually do the same to ArenaNet like they have done to Paragon Studios and Cryptic Studios.

this man needs help! he suffers from game tribalism!

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Based on what?

Skyscale riding isn’t just hitting 1 button. They are quite intricate to ride effectively. It is a bit of a timing and rhythm minigame and it is fairly error sensitive. With maximum mastery it has 4 movement skills that work in concert and you have extremely limited stamina to work with. You tire yourself out with mistakes all the time. WoW’s dragon riding is dramatically more forgiving.

It’s not all dragons, but the Elder Dragons. Basically continuing the story and lore of the game up until that point.

Everyone knows better than to worship other games on the WoW forums…

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Lol there’s more players on wotlk then there is New world. Sorry but the only noteable MMO that even comes close to wows population is final fantasy.

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Link your source

What the funny joke is is that you have an active subscription to a game you apparently don’t like hahaaha

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So which number are we using? Total subscribers over the lifetime of said product?

WoW: 123.5 Million
GW2: 17.5 Million

Average daily users?
WoW: 1.17 Million
GW2: 500.86 K

For giggles I’ll throw in the daily for WoW Classic:
1.05 Million.

So… do you know how math works?

Dragonflight certainly got me playing more gw2. But I still like both games. Gw2 is better for me.

You, sir, need to switch to crack-lite.

Destiny 2.
While I think it barely can call itself a MMO in the classic sense it is still a MMO and I’ll acknowledge it as such… that being said… here’s the numbers:

Total Subscriptions over the lifetime of said product:

42 Million

Average daily users: 799K

Final Fantasy only surpasses WoW and Destiny in the average daily user count of: 1.93 Million.

FF thou is behind Destiny 2 in total subscriptions over lifetime of product with 40.61 Million