Guild Wars 2 did it better

I got all the Glyphs for Dragon riding but it still feels inferior to Guild Wars 2.

GW2 Mount Races are lot more in-depth and challenging.

GW2 Mount movement/physics are a lot more satisfying and skill based.

Blizzard’s version of it feels like they cheated off the homework of GW2 devs and tried to cobble something together quick for an xpac and shipped it out.


That’s ok wow did literally everything else better


Is that why it has less players than GW2?



it has more players not less.

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Every expansion they tout their sales numbers, talking about how it’s the #1 MMO and this and that and for Dragonflight they stayed awful quiet cause they lost most of their players through how terrible SL was.

WoW is an open joke in the MMO industry.

Even New World probably has more players.


You’re trolling, right? Gw2 doesn’t have as many players as WoW.

The mount system in Gw2 and Dragonriding aren’t the same as each other. Yes, both are mounts with skills, but Dragonriding is designed to be a bit different from how Gw2 does with the mount system.

I disagree with this. The races in Gw2 are fun, but they aren’t challenging.

You’re basically hitting only 1 button. How is that “skill based”?

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So you’re just making stuff up. Got it. :+1:


Snarkiness aside, honestly. The Skyscale was my first introduction to this system of travel.

I hated it at the beginning, but as I wrapped my head around it, knew exactly how I could pull off getting up to that cliff, via clever touch points and zero down time for recharge I am absolutely on board with the Dragon Riding system.

That said. The Skyscale is a smoother experience. If you want direct comparison, just log into the next GW2 event, there will be a Skyscale rental vendor and you can test it out with zero commitment to the game.

That’s my citation, and I’d like to think balanced comparison - given I like both, but I like one more.

It has way more players.

WoW is pretty low on MMO rankings.

Dragon riding is just a rip off of GW2, anyone can see it if you played both games.

They are far more challenging, they have multiple difficulties and modes for each mount type. WoW races are brainless.

This is how I know you don’t play GW2, all GW2 mounts have physics and different movement patterns imprinted into them making it very fun and challenging.

Can’t argue with a WoW slave :person_shrugging:

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This isn’t Guild Wars 2 and will never ever be like it.

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Yeah I can tell, WoW will never have that level of quality because they have to rush expansions to save their game.


No one knows so why arguing. lol. the old who has more players argument. I love GW played it since GW1. leave that to final fantasy vs wow players lol.

WoW is automatically better than GW because they don’t have an expansion about ending all dragons.

I dunno how the flying in gw2 works, but I’ll take wow combat any day over gw2 combat. It’s gotten better but still feels floaty by comparison.

And since we spend a lot more time fighting than we do flying…

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Ok, prove it.

I played both games, and I see 2 completely different types of mount systems.

You’re right. I don’t play Gw2, because I quit Gw2 sometime last year after getting bored with the game. But hey, if Guild Wars 2 is so much better than World of Warcraft, then why are you here on the World of Warcraft forums? Why don’t you go back to Guild Wars 2 and stay there then.

Oh yes, lets hit the space bar on the rapter, oh look, long jump. Lets hit the spacebar on the jackel, oh look, a teleport a short distance, etc. Some physics.

Low Effort Trolling there.


We do know that SL led to a massive amount of WoW players unsubbing.

Of this I absolutely agree. They murdered my Mesmer build and I’ll not go back, haha.

But you don’t know the actual numbers so why play the guessing game because you obviously favor GW2 over Wow. Just leave it at that. Wow lost subs but you have to also agree gain alot when DF launched. so like I said you dont know the actual numbers so its no point going back and forth.


You might want to see how GW2 handles World Content and compare it to WoW’s “World Quest” system…

Why they only stole Dragon Riding and not the amazing system of constant Dynamic World and Meta events from GW2 is beyond me lol