Guild Services Retiring

Guild Services Retiring

We will be retiring Guild Services currently available in the in-game shop as of July 22, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. PDT.

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so now if i and others who have one account guilds dont transfer before july 22nd im stuck on a dead realm forever? thanks blizzard. unless your going to completely merge auction houses this is a awful change.


woohoo cross faction inc


I think this is a teaser to the date of when the actual prepatch will drop.


Will the ability to transfer guild master from alliance to horde and vice versa be available. As of currently you are unable to perform this action, resulting in my guild to be tossed on a random alt as I changed my mains over to the opposite faction due to better racials for m+ content.

So…any parting words for the retiree?

Then move your character and guild ASAP

It’s not that hard to make a new guild on a new realm anyway


I’m missing something, why does it matter if your bank guild is on a dead server?


what if a guild wants to transfer to a new realm?

yes i know it is cross-realm now but like servers still have communities and it matters what realm you are on…

might as well just leave these services in the game and collect money from people should they choose to use them


because now you cant.


Pretty sure they said Pre Patch Jul 30th

All guilds are cross realm in 11.0. You’re not trapped on a dead server, there’s just no need to pay for a guild server transfer when everything is cross faction and cross server come prepatch. You’ll even be able to send gold across servers.


Link? Cause Im pretty sure they never said that

so then auction houses will be FULLY CROSS REALM FOR ALL SECTIONS? if not then we have a problem. a rather big one. go ahead TRY AND FIND a lot of transmog on this realm. YOU WONT.

you dont get it, they’re moving to a all server guild service now so no more restrictions

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Explain the problem to me. Because I’m still not seeing it.

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What about the guild finder? Does that become cross realm then?


It makes sense… I feel a lot of people are forgetting guilds are going to be cross server and cross factions. The service doesn’t make sense anymore.

I’m not sure about the auction house, but if you don’t like your server you’re more than capable of transferring off of it before or after this change with a server transfer, which are on sale right now.

You could also just make a bank toon on a high populated server and send them gold to buy whatever you want and then have it on your main characters.

You’re making a stink about nothing lol.

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