Guild name

No we did not get made that you don’t support it, or that you reported it - we support you for doing so because the name does not belong in WoW (or anywhere for that matter).

Please calm down - you are breaching many forum rules now. Really not worth losing forum posting.

That’s an assumption though.

Another assumption.


Blizzard will see this thread was reported they will then find out why and will then log in game and delete the guild. So posting on the forums about it actually worked.

Im not dude. So no.

don’t care.

More likely, they will lock and delete the thread. Like we have been telling you, you need to right click and report them. No point in being obtuse.


The forum staff are not in-game GM’s though.

They have also said time and time again that reports are not via the forums.

So no, it’s not going to work the way you hope. You’ve already done all you need to do - report in-game. The GM’s will investigate and take action ONCE they reach your report in the queue.


Delete thread and the guild. Thats all I want.

Blizzard isn’t going to disband the guild though. They will issue a rename.


That’s just not going to happen. As has been explained to you, if the name is found to be inappropriate (and it should be fairly obvious to anybody that it is), it will be flagged for a rename.

Your moral outrage is duly noted.


There now Blizard can look at ticket is number ID US83412152 and they will take care of it. A forum post, a ticket and guild reports.

They will, when they get to the guild name report - which also begs the question - why did you submit a ticket too when right click - report guild name is the better way?

The ticket is just pointless and honestly not needed - just a waste of resource and adding to the ticket queue. They get more information from right click - guild name report than anything else (as a data snapshot is created).


That is why ticket queues are as long as they are.


Right clicks didn’t work. Had this name for half a month now.

Thats all ticket in.

This thread and guild will be deleted.

That is another assumption. You don’t know if the guild was issued a rename from previous reports, and they renamed it back to what is was (which is very likely given the name).

Saying right clicks don’t work is just false.

The guild will NOT get deleted. That is what you want, but not how Blizzard actions bad guild names.

They’ll get a rename - and if they have a history of renaming back to the bad name or choosing an equally bad name, they’ll get a permanent name change by Blizzard and not be able to change it.


But anyway - good luck. You’re not listening anyway. Hope the moderators are kind to you for disregarding forum rules. Here’s hoping the guild leader chooses a new name wisely.


The thread? Possible but unlikely. The guild? Most certainly will not be deleted. I don’t know how many times you need this explained, but the most likely outcome is a guild name change and a warning to the guild leader. The most severe outcome would be a guild name change and a suspension, depending on the guild leader’s past history of poor choices in-game.


That right there is a bold face lie. I have seen many times people coming here whining they was reported and punished for inappropriate names.


Im off, my ticket describes.

Naming and shaming is not allowed. It doesn’t matter how bad the name is, it does not give you the right to post it in the forums. It is considered harassment.

Spotlight on: Harassment - Support / Customer Support - this thread says:

We do not allow what is considered “naming and shaming” and any such threads are likely to be edited or deleted. No investigations will be initiated as the result of a forum post and could result in the temporary loss of forum posting privileges.

Right-click>Report is the proper way to report this. Thank you for using it first. The time-frame it takes to get to the report can seem long. The group that handles those reports takes reports from around 240 retail realms, plus the Classic, and TBC Classic realms. They generally address them in the order they are received. The more players (not characters) that report it, the faster it will be addressed as it shows Blizzard that it impacts more players.

The name you showed would be addressed even if you are the only player reporting it. It really is inappropriate. It will not be addressed faster because you posted on the forums about it. It will not be addressed faster because you made a ticket about it. Your report is important, but so are the reports from other players.

Reporting a World of Warcraft Guild Name - Blizzard Support

GMs who answer tickets are generally not the ones who address naming violations. A ticket would likely just result in them giving you directions on how to report the name in-game.

Spotlight on: Game Master Help - Support / Customer Support - World of Warcraft Forums


Just to point it out, Game masters don’t really react to tickets to take actions against folks in game that way - mainly via right-click > report. More to the point, putting in a ticket for a report won’t force the action come faster. If everyone did such, the ticket times will skyrocket.


I’m going to lock this topic since I believe all of the necessary information has been conveyed. I’ll summarize in this post for anyone that finds this thread through a search:

I’ve removed the name of the guild from the original post. As others have already pointed out, we don’t allow that on the forums and if you feel a name is inappropriate for the game then it’s likely also inappropriate for the forums.

While I can appreciate that you have a strong desire to bring attention to this matter, the forums are not an avenue for reporting inappropriate in-game behavior/content. Please make sure you are using the in-game reporting tools to flag the inappropriate content. The in-game systems allow our teams to track trends in player behavior, repeat offenses, and other helpful moderation metrics.