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Im looking to create a list of guilds both Horde and Alliance. Ultimately i want to have a central place where we can have contact info if anyone is looking. This info would be great in the future when we need to start manually keeping track of progression.

If you could help me out with adding your guild name, guild master, faction, goals(raiding etc)

Balmung | Social, Raiding, Pvp |
Savage | Casual, Leveling | Afflictor

The Ancients Misbehaving | Casual,Social and LGBTQ| Jenkayah

I’ve edited my post as the old guild I was part of (“Balmung”) has for the most part dissolved and members have mostly split between two larger guilds. Edits will reflect the one I am part with.

Guild Name: Prime
Faction: Alliance
GM: Ono
Goals: We’re here to have fun and progress through Classic! Always looking for new members regardless of level or class, and regardless if you just want a social atmosphere or a group of people to do content with. There is no level requirement or anything, we’re inviting just about anybody who needs a place to call home. There is also a guild Discord although very small at the moment.

Everybody in the guild has permissions to invite so if you’re interested do mail me in-game or send a friend request to wing#12594 and I’ll help you get in. :hugs:

I’m a Veteran member of my guild adding my guild to list:

Guild Name: Savage
Faction: Alliance
GM: Afflictor
Goals: We are a casual guild that is looking for members to help the guild Grow.We are a fun group of people to play with that are friendly an down to earth. We are looking for members to run dungeons with. We also help those that need it with questing and other aspects of the game. We are working towards endgame raiding. Feel free to message any member of the guild for an invite.

Guild name: Harbinger
Faction: Horde
Contact: Sazda#1864 (or directly to our GM: Traezz#11287)
Goals: Progress. Our core consists of several Top10 raiders from BC through Cata and beyond. We have an active community with over 300 members and strife to provide a supportive and relaxed environment for everyone. Whether you want to do in-guild content, group up with like-minded people, simply just chat while playing Classic or eventually raid, we are here.

Guild Name: Lefthook
Faction: Horde
GM: Dekanraer
Goals: We are a small start up guild looking for members to have a casual laid back guild, without the drama of the other guilds I tried to join. We are focusing on questing and dungeons until end game raids are viable. We are willing to do end game pvp also.

Guild Name: For the Horde
Faction: Horde

Goals: Overly simplified version but to have fun and help each out while leveling. We assist each other in completing quests, with profession’s and just general information. Our guild has people on at all hours with a good variance in levels.

Why do we do it because it’s: “For the Horde”

Guild Leaders: Dotist

You can contact any one in game and they will be more than happy to assist you in joining or if you have any questions. If you need to reach someone immediately please feel free to contact isokill#1944

Good luck out there to everyone!

Guild Name: Salt Level Rising
Faction: Horde
GM: Agromaniacal (asst’s Thundercloud and Totesmytotem)
Goals: End game raiding with PvP once Phase 3 is released. Veteran raiders from Vanilla (experienced through Spider wing in Naxx). A few members recently played on private Vanilla servers for the past 2 years, adding recent experience instead of 15 years of “forgotten” experience. Open to all classes and levels. The “core” of the guild is prepping the dungeon crawl for Best in Slot pre-MC gear as of this posting.

Guild Name: The Afterparty
Faction: Horde
GM: Durabull
Progression: 10/10 MC, 1/1 Onyxia
Goals: We’re a group of experienced raiders with varying levels of experience in Vanilla. Many of our players were top tier mythic / heroic raiders during various expansions but fell out of love with the game as time went on. Classic has rekindled our passion for the game and our desire to dominate. Our goal is to be the #1 horde side raiding / pvp guild.

You may contact myself (Dura#1382) or one of our officers:

Guild Name : Devil May Cry aka DMC
Guild Leader : Ismira
Faction : Alliance
Guild Objectives : We are a social casual guild that is here to help new and returning players come back to where it all began classic wow. We are looking for officers, raid-lead roles, and class lead roles. As well as anybody that likes warlock cookies and mage biscuits around and open campfire on a chilly night. Come join the fun, be a part of our family. Ultimately our end goal is to raid. But right now we’re content on helping with questing and dungeons and leveling, the grind to 60 is real. Oh and basically help anybody that wants to learn the game.

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Hi Dekanraer, your guild sounds interesting. Do you take players with little experience? I’ve played retail for a year and then jumped over to Classic when it launched. I’ve been playing with my cousin, who is brand new to WoW. We’re looking for a casual guild that would like to level, do dungeon runs and eventually raid. What does Lefthook look like after several weeks from the Classic launch? Would love to get your thoughts.
B-Net: #tophdagoph11453

guild: Thrilla in Vanilla
faction: Horde
GM: all members
goal: To round up as many PVE oriented morning regulars as possible for raids and dungeons. All adult/mature player types are welcome, but PVE is primary focus. PvP when its available and etc.

Guild Name:
Faction: Horde
GM: Mortalcombat
Progression: 10/10 MC, 1/1 Onyxia
Goals: Our guild was formed by a group of friends with the goal of building a laid back and fun community of like-minded adult players for raiding, pvping, and good times.

We recognize that great players like you are what makes a successful guild and an enjoyable wow experience.

That’s why we want you to join us.

You may contact me or anyone of our Class leads:

Warrior: Aiwindel
Rogue: Gahrona
Mage: Sarcaustic
Warlock: Themisfit
Priest: Lightz
Shaman: Celica
Druid: Mortalcombat
Hunter: Asengoffer

Hey Malus, is your classic guild still recruiting?

Oh, i’m sorry I didn’t see your post Toph. Not sure if you’re guilded up yet but we are still looking for people. We are getting our raid set up and just starting to work collabs to get into MC. We take any player willing to try, despite knowledge of the game.

Guild name: Casual Classics
Faction: Alliance
GM: Holyshift
Goals: Casual Classics is a semi-casual guild, looking for active raiders and those who, simply, enjoy playing the game! We are raiding with a 10/10 completion for Molten Core, and are currently recruiting more players to form a solid weekend raid team. We have over 200+ players and would love for more to join our community. PM my Character Demiter or reply to this post if you’re looking for an invite into our guild!

Requirements: You will go through a quick and friendly interview process. All that we ask once you’re inducted into the guild is that you be active.

Guild Name: Bloodsworn
Faction: Horde
GM: Tooswift
Goals: We raid on the weekends and plan on raiding for the remainder of this game’s lifetime. Im looking for some resto druids, warlocks, resto shamans and tanks that are at least geared for the second half of MC. For some that may mean as soon as you hit 60 depending on your skill level but regardless you need to be specced appropriately and geared decently. Send me a whisper in game so I can talk to you. Be warned, if you’re planning on getting carried into these future raids, this is not the place you want to apply.

I apologize, send Smiles a message in game not the previous. It’s been a while since i posted in forums so I forgot about character appearances on forums

Guild name: Eye of Skadi
Faction: Alliance
GM: Nessaj
Goals: Eye of Skadi is a semi-casual guild, we are 10/10 in Molten Core and 1/1 on Onyxia. We have over 100+ players and would love for more to join our community.

Guild Name: Avalon
Faction: Horde
GM: Unstableheal
Co-leads: Pokes, Ohnrack
Goals: We are here to help each other progress gearwise and content wise. We aim to raid and have fun while we do it. You can get ahold of any of the officers for more information.


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Guild Name: Deranged
Faction: Horde
GM: Cryso
Goals: We’re a small RL friend guild for the most part, but aren’t afraid to make new friends. We’ve played on every server type and have been successful in classic PvP/BGs (multiple rank 12+ including HWLs), Arenas, and raiding. On our last go as a group we played through WotLK. Right now most of us are working our way through the 40s and 50s in Classic leveling and intend to spend a lot of time in the battlegrounds and doing the level 60 dungeons.
If we get enough of our RL friends back and/or make enough new friends we I could see ZG and AQ20 in our future. That being said, we’ve never been large enough to do the 40-man content.

If interested, the other servers we’ve played on include Stormreaver, Kirin Tor, Steamwheedle Cartel.

Besides WoW we were also Deranged in Warhammer Age of Reckoning, Star Wars The Old Republic, Runes of Magic, and Rift.

Contact Cryso, Cadd, Zakfin, or Dokilar for more information.