Guild Improvements

There hasn’t been much guild improvements since Wotlk. We still get gold for running dungeons, raids, keys and pvp, but the way the Gold price has gone up in the game, the reward has not. Is there a plan to reward guilds better for those?

Also, logging - guild logs are so limited would love to have a way to see more then just a few items logged before they disappear. I can’t address a situation with out evidence.

Guild raid perks… why hasn’t there been more guild raid achievements? With mount rewards. Guild leaders spend alot of time helping and making the community thrive that it being removed by automation, so perks of being in a guild should still be there.

Lastly; Ranks, and guild bank tabs. Need more!!!

I’m a product manager at the software company I work for, I would be happy to talk more about these things… after 16 years of playing there’s something I can see being forgotten.

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