Guild Finder Applicants not showing up

Earlier this year I created a guild - Warborn Horde - for my Horde alts. I have three alts as members of the guild at the moment. I currently have the guild listed in Guild Finder as recruiting because I created a new alt that I want in the guild. This newly created alt has submitted an application to join Warborn Horde but none of my existing member toons can see the pending application of the new alt thus I cannot invite the new alt to join the guild. Any suggestions for me? Or is this a known issue that is currently being worked on? Thank you

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I haven’t seen any specific reports, Question. Do you know if the realm this is happening on was recently connected or might be this week?

I’d first try resetting your User Interface just to eliminate that as a possible cause. If the issue persists, definitely submit a bug report so QA can take a look.

I didn’t realize you could use this method to invite an alt on the same wow account into your guild. Always thought you either needed a third party on a separate account to make an invite.

My own running theory is that Nazjatar is one of the servers that were recently being connected, or con- nevermind, master Vrak already said this.

Nazjatar isn’t on the list for last week or this week, but people don’t always post on the related character so I wanted to make sure. :slight_smile:


Nazjatar was merged with other realms recently. I do not remember on which day though. Maybe around a month now would be my guess. And, yes, I have tried resetting my User Interface on all of the toons in the guild. Several times a piece actually just because I thought maybe trying randomly the problem might be resolved. The Guild Finder Pending tab for the alt (Okii) shows that it has a pending application with Warborn Horde but none of the members within the guild can see Okii’s pending application.

Yep. Quite convenient, I’ll say!

I’ve seen threads here or there on this and other guild problems recently (“ghost” members on rosters, not being able to see or accept applicants, etc.), specifically with realms that have been recently merged.

Most of those threads come down to suggestions of waiting until the next reset, and then the OPs never come back. I am assuming the restarts might be fixing the issues, but it’s difficult to tell when the OPs don’t return and update.

Here’s a recent one, there are others:

Next server reset may fix it; you might want to chime in on the bug report just for good measure. Good luck! :sunglasses:

Edit: I see you already submitted a bug report, cool.


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We are having the same problem. The bug that had us not listed seems to have been fixed, but we are unable to approve applicants, or see the history. We were connected last week+ to 6 other servers.

Have you filed a Bug Report?

Yup. That was the first thing I did. Also tried going through customer support but kept getting looped around back to the start so came here

This is a known issue. Merged realms are the ones affected. I have put several tickets in and several in game bug reports. The only thing we can do is wait for a response from blizzard with maybe a blue post.


Resetting does not work. Realm weekly resets don’t work. Funny 2 out of 3 CS responses said no known issues. Then my last one several weeks a go said yes…we are aware and it is being worked on. Complete bummer since we are about to go into Shadowlands.

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Any realms can be affected, not just merged ones. I see issues on Kilrogg (last connected 2013) and I’ve seen reports from realms that have never been connected to anything.

Aye, because that information is eight or nine days old; folks are working on this issue, and our knowledge has progressed. You’re right, UI resets and realm restarts seem to have no effect.

Again, if you saw this, it’s old info. I don’t see CS reps denying the guild issues at all. To the contrary; they’re well aware of the problem. You said so yourself.

A customer service team, is, in fact, fallible. As the problem came to light and began to be assessed, every member of the CS team may not have been aware of it. It takes time for issues to propagate from a single set of notes on one account, to a wave of related notes, to an issue that is “promoted” to a front-and-center notice in the CS tracking program, or a notice distributed with daily updates to the techs.

I used to do nation-wide phone and e-mail tech support for a major ISP, and very often our phones would begin to blow up (“DUDE, the Windows queue just went from 18 minutes to 2 hours and 25 minutes, what’s going on?!?!!?”) before we had any notice from the Network Operations Center or our own internal help-desk that there was any issue at all. 'Till then, it was “sir, restart your computer and router, and try again.”

So, I was the dude who “had no idea the entire state of Florida was having an outage.” No doubt many customers said, “stupid tech knows nothing - how could he be so ignorant of that huge an outage?”

Yet, what could I have done? I reported the issue, checked with the help desk, checked with the NOC, and proceeded as I was trained, since no larger problem was yet apparent. Such is the life of a tech.

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This is still broken? No way to invite alts. Have submitted a ticket, but this seems to have been an issue for a while. Sigh…

Ticket or bug report. If it’s a bug, filing a ticket is not going to resolve it. GMs don’t fix bugs.