Guild bank improperly restored

I got notified my guild bank was restored and the items were mailed to me in game. The guild tabs were restored yes, but the items that were sent to me were the exact same items from the rolled back guild.

Apparently I have reached the max number of responses to the ticket and cannot get the prompt to start a “issue not listed” ticket. and have spent over an hour trying to get a new ticket started.

Can someone please help me?
I am beyond upset at this point. This has been a terrible experience with support/customer service.

There’s a thread on the CS forums here- Characters deleveled - Khadgar

They haven’t been the most helpful either. We were told everything was fine and that the matter was closed, but we’re missing items and a ton of gold.

Did you ever get you items resolved? My guild bank is completely empty, roughly 588 items missing. I just started to play again getting ready for shadowlands and just noticed the guild bank the other day. My account have been active the whole time, i just rocked classic the last year and a half. I submitted a ticket but the response got did nothing. I resubmitted my ticket, hopefully i’ll have some luck.