Guess you guys diddnt want to face an actual challenge

with the new changes to av and the dr on kills to be reduced im guessing the horde are happy.

what some of you dont realize is your queues will be at least an hour long now.

you also probably dont realize that your win rate will skyrocket even more and push more and more alliance away from even queuing and further make your queues longer and longer.

i made a post a few days ago asking if horde werent happy cause they diddnt win 90% of their games.

we will see if they are happy with it indeed now and happy with the consequences.

good job guys. hope you love it.


too much :salt: isn’t good for you, you need to lay off.


no real salt here. its only that people say they want 1 thing and then do actions to get another result.


It’s this really the state of gaming these days? Griping to each other about the efficiency of honor throughput in the meta?



Well then, you shouldn’t have bragged about all those premades now, huh? to the point where your own faction started to hate ya.


That doesn’t bother me at all.

That’s good. I love it


i diddnt brag. in fact i was being as objective as i could by saying the people that wanted an actual 50-50 ish challenge they want to face the t1 premades.

im not really having any skin in this game cause i dont rank and im done with the rep in av.

not trying to be one sided. its just people dont know what they are cheering for .

Not talking about you personally, talking about the small part of your faction gloating about it.

to the point where you were pvping against 2 factions.

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i agree they were at best overzealous and at worst just being trash.

im just actually saying only that people want 1 thing and they are going to get quite another and flip it totally on its head.

its not good.

I like how in Vanilla horde could premade because they were the smaller faction, Alliance dealt with it.

Come Classic with supposedly warts and all Horde cries so much to get it changed because they cannot do what they did in Vanilla.

It’s hilarious.


You should clear that up by saying “You think” the Q’s for AV will be 1 hr long.

As for how long they will actually get, this is just a guess at this point.

WSG will likely IMO become the place to PVP, where actual PVP will take place.

AV while great honor per hr if you can manage to cheese it via CRBG cancer; hopefully will die the death.

IF the alliance do just stop doing AV then that proves my point about the Alliance and that they’re not PVP’rs, they’re gear collectors and nothing more.

The “HORDE” in Classic WoW 2019 are comprised mostly of formerly Alliance players…

Let that sink in for a moment.


ya ok i "think’ it will be a long queue.

i can tell you im not really just pulling things out of my butt though if you want me to be clear about it.

I agree it will cause AV queue to skyrocket, This whole thing sets bad precedents what more are they going to change through out the life of classic it has me worried.

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Sad. Nu Horde sucks and is a bunch of whiners who rolled for easy mode pvp racials. Horde used to be cool. I just find it ironic that premade issues existed in Vanilla, yet is only a real problem in Classic. Game was supposed to be as is, if this is the case then just make it classic+

The Alliance that were QQing about premades are going to have loads of fun being stomped harder and having no real way to win without some remades. Five dollars says they’re back here crying about Horde after they just got done crying about their own faction.


At this point I would take Classic+ so long as they did the following.

elimination of Leeway mechanic.
elimination of artificial spell batching.
nerfing of all class racials… On use stuff, whatever, but the passive stuff has gotta go… Why do you think everyone and their mom plays human or orc? the passive racials are really broken.

evolve to an arena based PVP system for BG’s and introduce some arenas…

LIGHTLY re-tune some of the classes a little, and fix some of the existing bugs…

Unfortunately I don’t trust Blizzard to handle that sort of basic stuff, they’re known for inventing new ways to screw things up.


yeah and blizz has now proven twice they will listen to forum crying and change things, first they rushed a phase now they change AV. so any group large enough makes a fuss about something blizz will more then likely change it again it sets a bad precedent, I fear for the future of classic at this point.


Yup. Thought we were supposed to accept stuff as is? I did with my crappy alliance racials etc. So now if I cry hard enough can I get nerfs on Horde racials and all the stuff i want? How about BC talent trees etc? I mean at this point let’s just make it Classic+ because it’s only a matter of time before more gets changed.

Think AQ requirements etc will get changed.

i agree.

im scared for the future.

at this point I have no doubt …I believe 100% they will bring back layering for that event at the very least.

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