Guess what hunters!

I won’t lie, I was pissed about losing DT but in BGs, I could still Sniper shot then chak/RF/Explosive out of stealth and it’s been pretty nasty. These buffs should help even more for BGs at least. For solo, we’ll see.

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It will still do the most burst by far…idk if you know math but, +20% BASE aimed shot/rapid fire damage greatly outweighs 10% crit damage during a very short buff window by a lot.

This is a huge net buff, idk why you guys cry about everything even buffs lmao


Huh? It’s not going to do more than survival with explo shot and a coordinated kill shot.

Yea I agree that a flat damage buff, while it is certainly nice, does not fix any of the specs. The talent tree and design on a core level are the issue. These blanket damage % buffs are just lazy fixes.


Talking from an mm perspective:

We are all beating around the bush , in pvp our biggest issue is survivability. DT at least provided burst as an offset to the massive lack of survivability. Now they are pushing us into a Sustain damage style spec which isn’t a good fit when we are so ridiculously fragile. How long can we sustain when we die so fast lol


You missed one.

Which is good. PvPers shouldn’t be pressured to raid for a weapon, that’s the entire point of the Conquest vendor.


Survival Hunters always have the absolute worst takes on the Hunter class.


Losing DT is absolutely a step in the right direction in making MM not a cheese spec that afks for most of the match then potentially 100-0 someone but only IF the entire team chooses to ignore the loud BLYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT air horn raid warning and throws every micro CC/disarm to stop him from getting value from DT


It’s not shifting from burst to sustain, we’re gaining both burst and sustain right now.

Great change

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Aye, the goblin has graced us with his ugly presence!

Also, isn’t it interesting that actually good marks hunters (in pvp) are happy DT is gone?


Technically true, but compare vs 10.0.2 instead of 10.0.5.

10.0.2 Rapid Fire - 319.2% AP
10.0.2 Rapid Fire + Double Tap (PvP) - 478.8% AP
10.0.5 Rapid Fire w/Hotfix (PvP) - 385.4% AP

Yes but gaining 20% aimed shot dmg as well, and 20% rapid fire all the time not just during a 1 min CD buffing it is something to be considered. Double tap was countered by decent players with addons that blow air horns so often it hardly factored in at decent rating anyway. I’d much rather have consistency than banking on a 1 min CD, personally.


But that isn’t what you said. You said it’s a buff to both burst and sustain, which isn’t really accurate.

I also think more consistent damage is better, but let’s stick to the facts.

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Actually, it is a buff to both burst and sustain, that is completely accurate. You’re trying to go way back and bring DT back into it, which is already gone. Compared to now, it’s a buff to both, I never factored in DT - that was you.

Furthermore, even if you bring DT back into it, it’s still a buff. With careful aim/trueshot even without unerring, 20% buff to aimed shot makes Trueshot infinitely better than DT ever was, you might cram marginally less damage in that 2 second window compared to a single rapid fire channel, but only marginal, and the constant dps that follows it will be dramatically higher.

If you ask me if I’d rather have double tap (lame gimmick that is countered by decent players most of the time) or 20% buff to main attack damage +30% to chimera as a cherry on top…I’d choose this any day.

That’s a really hot take tbh. 10.0.5 has been out for all of 3 days at this point. Saying we can’t compare where things are at right now and where they’ll be next Tuesday with where they were less than a week ago is kinda BS.

No, it isn’t. They aren’t the same. Trueshot opens up a damage window, and yes, you do significantly more damage within that window. Double Tap doubled ability damage, (and could be used during or just before Trueshot, btw), so it all hits at once. This is a buff to sustain, and a nerf-partially-but-not-fully-offset-by-a-buff to burst.

I agree.

But then again, I don’t do competitive PvP, and I’m much more concerned with maximizing my DPS in a burst window than I am with getting a single large hit to secure a kill.

Normally, lets say arcane shot deals 100x dmg where chimaera shot deals 102k + 51k or something along the lines. I dont remember the exact numbers but it deals just barely higher damage on single target, and a half damage cleave.

However in pvp, probably due to pvp modifiers affecting arcane shot but not chimaera shot, arcane shot deals 130k damage where chimaera shot still deals 102k + 51k damage. Meaning taking chimaera shot is bad in pvp because of the loss of single target damage.

I have reported this on forums and ingame multiple times with exact numbers said on my screen.

Edit: Getting exact numbers: 11.1k arcane shot and 11.5k + 5.7k chim shot with warmode off.

In instanced pvp: 19.4k arcane shot and 15.8k + 7.9k chim shot.

With the 30% buff to chim shot, it will be 20,5k + 10,25k.


I honestly don’t believe DT was what made MM a bursty spec. You explosive shot-rapid fire-kill shot and you’re doing a lot of dmg in what, 2s? isn’t that bursty? Survival does not have that kind of damage, even if you take Explosive shot too, which people is doing less and less because of the need of steel trap. If anything, DT made MM a toxic bursty spec, like Rets were pre nerf, like devokers in a sense still are, like enh shaman was with its double 250k crit ele blast, and they all got nerfed.

A better comparison would be Sub rogue, another pure physical dps spec. They do their damage with secret technique and then do nothing until its back, is that the kind of damage profile we want for MM? Even a simple Aimed shot + arcane shot is way more damage than survival can do in the same amount of time. I haven’t played every single iteration of MM, but for some reason I always thought that MM was the burst spec without big cooldowns, MM just deals a ton of damage out of nowhere in very small time intervals. The other day I aimed shot and double kill shot for 131k and 109k a warlock with at least some gear because it had around 450k hp, how is that sustain dps? I mean sure, it was a proc and crits but still, how many cds did I use there? none.


This is exactly why I switched to MM when they changed BM in Legion.

Now its feeling just as lackluster and boring too.

Let me be a glass cannon ffs.

Dude you are so fried

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