Guess the Soul!

Ok so there are souls found in the 9.1 storyline that you can free and do a questline with.
One of them is “the first paladin” and that’s Uther.

So, here are the other ones names…

  • The Betrayed Father

  • The Blood-Queen

  • The Grand Magister

  • The Guardian of Naxxramas

  • The Archmagus Mentor

  • The Golden King

  • The Holy Lifebringer

  • Many Forgotten Victims

So who do you think each is if you had to guess?
Some of them seem kind of obvious, and some are very open to interpretation.

“Many Forgotten Victims” could be Night Elves from Teldrassil. Or maybe Horde members killed in the Undercity by Sylvanus.

They’re all pieces of souls killed by Frostmourne. People have a list in the Lore Forum of who they most likely are.

There’s also a soul piece that Sylvanas isn’t allowed to see, most likely her own.


Lana’thel of course.



Ooo, oops~

I was thinking just old dead dudes.


us players?


my guess is
1 Arthas Father
2 blood queen easy
4.could be some one from the military wing
5.could be arch mage from the old SFK run
6.could be varian wrynn
7.could be marad sorry for spelling


As long as none of them are Traitorfang. Hopefully he sits forgotten in some smelly corner of the Maw.

Guardian of Naxramas has me wondering.
Since these are all the souls of characters Frostmourne “ate” it could really be anyone.
Noth? Heigan? Lots of options here.

As for 3 - Rommath is still alive, (unless hes a dreadlord) and in any case wasn’t killed by arthas.
There’s Darkhan Drathir… not sure if he was a magister though.

I think * The Archmagus Mentor would be antonidas.

Grand Magister Antonidas. Maybe Rhonin.

he was but he was the person who lead arthas through
Darkhan Drathir

Could it have been the original owners before they were turned, the little spider men? I don’t remember who owned it before it was invaded.

i jumped straight to Atiesh, because:

Yeah i was thinking that too, but the only person who comes to mind is angela dosantos who is still alive,

Golden King might be arthas?
I’m thinking Betrayed Father has to be King Menethil.

It’s most likely Sapphiron.

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Yeah, that makes the most sense. I’m actually upset I didnt think of that

From the Lore Forum:

Golden King = Anasterian Sunstrider
Holy Lifebringer = Halahk the Lifebringer
The Grand Magister = Belo’vir Salonar
Blood Queen = Lana’thel
The Archmagus Mentor = Antonidas
Champion of Peace = Gavinrad the Dire
Guardian of Naxxramas = Sapphiron
Betrayed Father = Terenas
Forgotten Victim = Most likely Arthas

Arthas was a victim of Frostmourne as much as the others, but people often forget he was a victim.


Why isn’t it Kel’Thuzad? Just curious. I’m not that educated on the lore so I immediately thought of him.

Oh nvm… Didn’t read the questline part. We probably wouldn’t do a quest with him :sweat_smile:

Sapphiron literally has the title Guardian of Naxxramas. :stuck_out_tongue: