Guardians of the Dream: Grow Seeds to Saplings in New Public Events

Guardians of the Dream: Grow Seeds to Saplings in New Public Events

The Guardians of the Dream update ushers in a new cycle of Public Events that feed into each other and challenge brave defenders to exercise their green thumbs.

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public events are good in concept but terrible in implementation and age very VERY poorly


raises paw

If I have PVP turned on, can I burn the trees planted by the opposite faction?


They’re implementing scaling tech for these events. So in the short-term, you just have to worry about afk’ers blasting mob hp to the moon. It’ll be nice once things settle down, though.

I’m a DK, won’t I just kinda kill all the plants by being there?



Likely will won’t be able to fly and will likely require dragonriding, so it is a non-starter for me.

Please make this the last drop of this expansion and move on. Oh, and if dragonriders get to fly first again next expansion, I won’t be back.


So yet another currency in one"s bag, another group event and I have toons still that can’t find or make a group to kill a rare so I can turn in that initial Dreamsurge quest.

It is nice to have stuff to do and get but small pop servers make a lot of this a bit frustrating.


While you’re not wrong…what is your solution?

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For one, rewards that benefit doing them after you get the cosmetic rewards. Aka gold generation in a weekly or even 3 day basis like daily quests are. Achievements which can’t just be done instantly. Rotating quests in the event so they aren’t just the same thing every week. Mount rewards which take either time or chance always generate longer term interactivity. Long term rewards again for pets, special cosmetics and the like, possibly special cloak styles and looks or weapon mogs.

There are pleanty of ways to increase their life span. The issue with most these events is why do them once you have done them for the reward. Stuff like weekly rewards(gold or crests) with substantial EXP rewards which scale with the season, breath life into those areas they make. Imagine if you could hit 60, then go to the zone from season 1 where the rares are and level up there. The vault is still there but i have no reason to go farm that vault also, like maybe make things there which benefit someone to gear up there or even level up there.

Their content can be long term easy. They just need to make it a good area to level up in and people will go there. Same with longer term rewards and good enough gold generation to do it over other boring methods to make gold. As long as you don’t feel forced to do it on every toon you have, it will be a good addition to the game.

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its more than just scaling

any event that is based off many helpers is a nightmare to do within weeks of its release.

just look at every single DF community event

tried doing a feast lately?
or DB keep?
or fyrak?
or hunts?

would you like me to continue?


Ok thanks for sharing. They’re addressing this with the new events. You know, the stuff this post is actually about.

Can I earn that hat he’s wearing? Helping Spruce crown.

:ocean: :dragon: :ocean: :dragon:

the event if you’re alone gives you a massive dps buff that lets the rares be solod but it disappears if theres a group of people

and i look at, you know, the company’s track record over multiple expansions knowing they will invariably grossly under-deliver on things like this

silly me

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is this sunsong ranch 2.0?


We agree on one thing, at least.

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Mine is daily quest hub with a zone full of reasonably soloable rares with a few that aren’t with better loot, etc. For all of SL’s frequently noted flaws, I thought Korthia was a very well done zone (exept the fact that is was ugly as Orc), and this from someone who had really grown to despise the ‘island of content’ patches that became the norm with Timeless Isle.


The real issue is reason. No one has a reason anymore to do those events. That is one of the major issues if not the most major issue. If they rewarded you for doing it more than once, if there was a reason to farm it and so on after the first couple weeks, then people would do it more.

Feast people still do because you can farm for flavor pocket, so most times at peak times it has people there trying to do it. Sure they aren’t smashing it to legendary status but they are out there trying to get something from it. Issue is, it is a weekly quest so what is the point of doing it again after you did it once. Giving people a reason to do stuff is important. Most times there needs to be a reward fitting your time. Why would i waste 30 mins there for no gold, a tiny bit of rep and no cosmetics, when i could do a call to arms and earn 10k gold.

It is the same reason why those who want more single player content with story are irritating, even if the story was good only 10% at most of the playerbase is caring enough to finish it or track it. The story as a whole in WoW is hard to follow because a lot of it we can’t do anymore unless we go back to old content which we one shot everything. In the end both things will be neglected by the playerbase and the devs.

I would love if it mattered to keep up on these side event things, but how i see it right now. Unless you are a mog collector, gearing up a new Alt or leveling there is next to no reason for people who are already geared and doing end game content to want to come do those side events. Put gold into those events and trust me you might see a swell in people doing it again. There are a lot of people i see who don’t do call to arm stuff and are looking for a way to make RAW gold. Just because there are people with millions doesn’t mean everyone has millions.


What the hell are you even talking about? Just open the group finder, there is always at least one group up that’s killing Dreamsurge rares. And if you want to tell me that you don’t want to use the group finder for one second and instead want to search on your own server for hours, go ahead. But that’s entirely on you.

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No, I’ll just wait until 11.0 or 12.0 or whenever this fake ‘emerald dream’ thing is done with. Thank you, though.

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