Guardian mage tower

About how many attempts did it take y’all? I’m in like 134ish. I got krull to 14% today and it’s getting me tilted a bit now lol!

Took me about 2 hours but there’s definitely those who have many, many, many attempts lol. You’ll get it man. Being a boomy main I basically never didn’t get past phase 1 :stuck_out_tongue: all my attempts were on P2

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I’m consistently getting krull to like 11% lol😭

68 but for like 30 attempts i was streaming too my friends just memeing.

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Took me a boat load of tries. Many stages of tilt. I ended up not doing the boomy method and just did it in bear the whole time. Had to abuse consumables and previous expansion trinkets before I finally had enough dps to complete!

Its all about DPS

There are questline gloves that proc about 15% worth of overall dmg that are worth grabbing.

Get the trinket from WoD Raid that eye caster one itll do about 20% of your dmg.

Use unbridled potions not the new one, when you pop drums

Use incarn for living on the last annihilate.

Its literally nothing but dps check and with everything removed, its way easy to just cheese the crap out of it via gems/enchants/trinkets/etc.

I went from wiping at 5-15% all day long, to spending some gold grabbing the quest gloves, and being done in 3 attempts.

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The gloves are
“Handguards of demonsbane”

Trinkets you want are
Seed pod / unblinking gaze of sethe

Then use “unbridled fury” potions,

The above will do more then 15% of his health alone.

40-ish attempts. I was so focused on avoiding stuff, interrupting, and mitigating damage that it actually surprised me when he suddenly fell over dead lol. Seed pod and artifact weapon were very helpful.

Just wiped at 2%… on kruul

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Now you’ll have a bunch of wipes around 8%, then it’ll spike back up to 15% or so and you’ll get frustrated, take a break, and come back and beat it in like 4-5 attempts!

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Yeah I think I’m staying to close to the middle with kruul so he puts those puddles down and I can’t get back to normal speed. I think I need to go more wide with him

if you dont have the gloves/trinkets i listed, get them and youll get it for certain. your just lacking some pew pew.

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I have everything but the gloves and the trinket. I’m using the seed pod and the dragonling one

~60 attempts I would say, maybe less.

The Gaze will do the highest % of your dmg on every mob, its 100% worth it, it will usually triple or higher the dragonling.

The gloves also would push a free 10-12% extra overall dmg on Kruul himself (as well as help speed up p1).

So if you keep getting stuck, grab those and youll get it for sure.

Omg got him! Finished him off at 2% of my health left lol


congrats! feels good

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Sorry for not responding but congrats man! Perseverance always prevails.

The number of attempts really depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Your ability to react quickly
  • Your ability to manage multiple components on the battlefield
  • Do you have the powerful trinkets and/or gemmed gear?
  • Overall understanding of the specialization

Those who cover all basis can defeat Kruul in just a few dozen attempts on average but if you don’t check all the boxes, it could easily take you a hundred or more attempts easily.

Personally, I find this flavor of the Mage Tower actually much easier with the right trinkets and gemmed gear than what it was like when it was first released at the outset. What a lot of people remember is how it was toward the end of Legion when we were overpowered but didn’t really try it when it felt highly overtuned for some tank specializations :slight_smile: .

For those who have yet to get the form, good luck & keep at it.

Currently bugged and cannot get the quest to start.

God I hate this game sometimes. Why do we have to farm old gear, that is bugged out and unobtainable for me currently, for a unique model for Druids. I don’t even care about the skin, make one sparkle gold for all I care for those that want to suffer through this, but this model shouldn’t be walled off behind a challenge mode that needs old gear that is bugged to get. Plus weak auras, gemming etc. Incredibly stupid.