Guardian Druid Mage Tower

I decided to start my journey to the become a Fel Werebear this afternoon and I wanted to do it as fast as possible. 2 hours of setting up the correct gear that I wanted to use, I set off upon my attempts. After 4 long grueling pulls prior with no progress, on the 5th run the stars aligned and I managed to FINALLY vanquish the demon and collect my new appearance. I absolutely love it! Thank you Blizzard for making such an awesome looking skin, you knocked it out of the park. I wish everyone else trying the best of luck like I had. Don’t give up :slight_smile:


Gz on it ,i fuukin love ot but if something isnt done to nerf some more i wont be able to get it ever :frowning:


The fel werebear looks so awesome and is such a boon to people who put in the work.


Let’s hope future challenges will unlock cool and unique Feral, Boom and Resto appearances.



You can nerf it yourself by trying different approaches and hunting down a few extra time walking pieces (something with sockets and low enough ilvl for past enchantments). Good luck!

Still working on it myself, gets a little smoother each time.

Just checked out your armory, how the hell did you pump out that much damage? Thats nuts. Grats on kill though!

Congrats on beating this. Disappointing though that bliz would put this in knowing that we would need to have full sets of timewalking gear and consumables to beat it. Was looking foward to this, oh well. gg bliz

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i thought they nerfed again yesterday? 10% hp and what not? is it still a problem?

Velen is the issue i m having trouble dealing with he dies so fast + in MT you make 1 mistake and thats it u r done which is really not good .well atleast for me it isnt . And after the"nerf" mobs can cast while moving lol which is worse than before :frowning:


how the hell are you pumping so much dmg, those adds die in like 2 seconds?

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Roid bear skips leg day…just sayin’

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Yea with the change they made with the Nether Storm you’ve got to be super careful that they don’t get their channel off while they’re near Velen or just insta dies.

The nerf hasn’t been applied yet, IDK why they posted it…
HP still the same, just confirmed

Also, Gratz my dude

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They did nerf it, his health was 68k approx prenerf and post nerf it’s approx 62k. I screenshotted it the other day for another forum so I could post health values to check on scaling.

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I have videos from the morning of, the day after, and after they posted about the nerf.

The Guardian boss has not dropped in HP yet.
10% would only be a 5-6k drop anyways.

And I screenshotted it the day it was released and I was looking the thing in the face. Maybe where you’re level 60 idk I’m on a level 54 and the health def changed.

68,119 on Dec 8 at 10:36 p.m. eastern time

62,879 on Dec 11 at 7:09 p.m. eastern time

Edit: there’s your 6k drop

Yeah, I tested on two different 60 druids I have. Some dauntless gear, PVP gear, and Raid gear. All same results.

Well done, congrats!

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I did too. Looks like the only scaling diff between the level 60 and the 54 at the time of those screenshots was 1 health point…