Guardian Druid Mage Tower

Because I screenshotted both toons the day it was released and I just screenshotted the 54 like not even 5 minutes ago. I can screenshot the level 60 and see what it reads but it will probably be 1 hp off from what I posted previously.

The nerf was 100% applied.

congrats 2 you
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Nope. Not for '60s.

2021-12-07 - 10-34-41 (Tuesday about 10:30 in the morning my time)= 50,844

Today, as I write this: 50,844

Congratul;ations are in order.

What gear are you using?
You straight up deleted them. You get 900 dps. I get 500 MAX but constantly staying at like 5 stacks. You killed Kruul in 2 stacks. I get him to 25% and already at 2 stacks… And that’s with Lust/Pot/Zerk. Everything.

Gear screenshot / Talents?
Would really appreciate it.

I could see some spikes flying out constantly dealing mad damage.

edit - checked youtube comment section & found gear.

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wait why is it only 50k for you? That’s… odd. Heck your number is lower than both of mine regardless of date LOL

Edit: you were clicking on variss… variss wasn’t nerfed… kruul was 50, 844 is the health of variss…

Edit 2:

Without a HP nerf to boss in P1 I just cnt pump out enough dps to phase into P2 quick enough. Abit rip. I don’t know how people are doing this kind of dps


I feel like with the damage I was doing the hp nerf wouldn’t have been noticed either way.


Post-nerfs, it actually feels similar to how it was in Legion! (the mechanics “flow” the same.)

I’m having very much fun attempting this challenge right now (or again? Idk :thinking: lol), even prior to the nerfs it was actually captivating as well!

Congratz on your new form! :slight_smile:

Grats, kinda odd how it was designed that you have to have things align for it to be successful. I don’t see many get this - which is w/e.

Hmm, seeing Hidden Satyr procs there, forgot about that one!

insert San Andreas “here we go again” meme

Edit - Also reminds me I need to drag my alt Druid through getting the Bear artifact for the double enchants / oils.

I’ve spent about 8 hours so far doing Guardian. I can get to Kruul just about every attempt. I’ve gotten him down to 18% so far. Good luck you guys, stay in the fight.

I’m refraining from dropping thousands of gold on expensive consumables but it looks like I may need to do that in order to burst down Kruul.

It’s a shame that the Mage Tower, at least Guardian, can’t be completed unless you spend thousands of gold on gear and or consumables. Would be nice if it were purely skill based yknow.


Skill is absolutely neccesary not just gold ,it doesnt matter if you can spend gold and keep dying 6 secs in fight when horrors came out . That stupid velen is so so so so weak lass .

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Enough crying and I can definitely see them HP needing again. Fingers crossed

Absolutely ditto :hot_face:

God damn my kill was just over 5 minutes, absolutely pumped. There were some areas you could have done even more damage too like regrowthing as adds spawned to pull them to you then barkskin(brambles)/sunfire while you keep dpsing boss, roar the cast then thrash.

Could prob get a 2:30

Has my wine hit this hard? 5 tries? gratz! a God! I am starting to think its a little over tuned - even with this small nerf or I’m just freaking trash now.

Congrats. I did the boomy one in a few tries, took like 10min knowing nothing about it.

I did the guardian one today too and it definitely took longer but, I managed. I only use slands pvp gear though. No gimmicks. No pre pot. I spiked 900 dps, but typically finished in the mid 800’s. Did around 750 in boomy during P1. Not sure how long my fight was though. I killed right right as 4th annihilate went off.

Edit: just watched video and checked your gear lmao. Man they really let the cheese flow with that. I suppose if it’s there though, not your fault. If anyone has the resources to do that, I suppose I would before it gets nerfed. Makes it free apparently. The difference is substantial in potential output. I had no idea.

The way I see it is that you should use all tools at your disposal. There’s no point in hamstringing yourself and putting self imposed goalposts on it by “only using shadowlands gear”. This is a time walking event, it’s in the spirit of the event to use old gear. I earned the mount with the only “cheese” being crusader on fury warrior which hardly did anything as it was so easy. My list was:

Frost mage
Holy paladin

Now I’m just finishing off the appearances I can be bothered with and making it as easy as possible. I see no point in grinding them out.

Hey man, you do you. I just didn’t want to use crutches to make it easier for personal reasons. Still have to do mechanics at the end of the day. I just made it a point to do it in full force.

For instance, I’m not sure many would agree with you here.