Guardian 8.3

Wow, Drew. You really had to poke in with that kind of attitude?

You misinterpret what I’m saying. I think Bear needs a lot of little things to make it more fun (as opposed to MOAR DAMAGES). Little things like the stuff I mentioned - a slow on Thrash, ranged silence, AoE cc, (and yes a dps cooldown as one of a number of improvements Bears could use).

I asked the question is all. Why are you being a jackass about it?

Again, you completely misinterpret what I said. What I said was that the important part for ME is the fun factor. I don’t do cutting edge difficulty stuff, so how competitive Bears are at that level is not important TO ME. Maybe they are and maybe they aren’t. But I don’t really care about that as much as I care about how fun it is FOR ME playing at the content level I enjoy, i.e. M+10-13 and Heroic Raid and World Quests.

Drew, you’re smart about the game. I’ve told you this before. But when you dive in antagonistically like this, you sound more like a troll than an intelligent player with a different perspective.


Did you read what people were saying in here.

What am I going to do, be kind and loving?

How would those make it more fun. We have slows, we have an aoe cc, and our interrupt has a range on it. Even Grizzle understands that, and that’s a low bar to set.

Why aren’t you doing research yourself instead of relying on forums for an answer.

Sphere of Suppression essence works if you need slows for melee trash mobs on Necrotic, and Ursol’s Vortex also slows mobs that are inside before pulling them back in if they attempt to leave. Typhoon works great with Vortex.

Bear DPS is really not bad, but some sort of offensive CD outside of Incarn in 9.0 would do nicely I think.

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Yes. And yes.
Insted of:

Why not simply say:
Actually, Blizz has recognized that BrM is too strong and they are nerfing them in 8.3 to bring them more in line.

It would make it more fun FOR ME. Putting the slow back into Thrash would make kiting more fun for me. What AoE cc do we have? I’m talking about the short lived talent that buffed Intimidating Roar to put a Cower effect on the mobs for a few seconds. That was fun. And yes, our Skull Bash is fun. Fae Silence was also fun. I’d enjoy having it again.

And here you are with the insults again. Why do you feel the need to add insults rather than simply discussing the various comments and suggestions others are making?

I enjoy participating here. Sometimes I offer comments or suggestions. Sometimes I ask questions. It’s a discussion.

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He doesn’t like me because about 9 months ago or so i went rounds with him over the effectiveness of how tanks scale and that how Iron Fur works, Bears scale the best as an expansion goes on and your main start goes through the roof.

Brewmaster is the top M20+ tank of season 3 (38%). Warrior is still #2 in M20+ (26%). BrM is the least popular all levels (just below bear).

Demon Hunter is the least popular raid tank (just below bears) no matter whether you slice it most difficult or to least. BrM is the most popular (2-5x more popular all bosses, 2-20x more M Azshara).

BrM is getting nerfs in 8.3. If they are like the 8.2 nerfs, they will not be enough.

Currently BM is under Guardian by .5 % on mythic +. In terms of population

Per raider io

I believe that’s over all key levels

In the 15-25 range though, BrM numbers sky rocket

15 and up

BRM : 21.5%
Pwarrior: 21.2%
PPally: 20.1

Hardly the

Ahhh…another Drez post full of snarky one liners and literally using literally a literal ton of times.

Drez, you need something more worthwhile to get irritated about.

I’m sure you are better at Warcraft than me, but your social skills are severely lacking.


Where’s guardian fall in that 15+ list?

Right in line with Blood and Vengeance

So BrM has 2x the representation in 15+ keys, with that gap growing the higher the keys go.

Edit: saw your edit. Saw where you were going. But to be fair, BrM isn’t just .5% above bears :wink:

BRM : 21.5%
Pwarrior: 21.2%
PPally: 20.1


I’ve been referring to your “BrM is below Guardian by .5%” comment this whole time lol sorry about the miscommunication

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Dh and guardian have been in a bad spot for a while now although DH got a boost due to 1 essence

Provide evidence for this.

Point out where I said something incorrect.

This implies I don’t understand something.

It’ll have to wait till Monday when I get a day off. But I’ll crunch some numbers and see what comes of it.

And social skills is any competence facilitating interaction and communication with others where social rules and relations are created. And to be fair, I haven’t seen a single post from you that you weren’t berating or irate or narcissistic. So, has nothing to do with your understanding, it’s about your interaction with others. Which leaves a bit to be desired. So it’s a fair assessment to say your social skills are lacking :slight_smile:


This does not mean what you think it means.

Then you’re not looking very hard. There’s a pretty deep well to choose from.

That’s adorable. This ought to be great.

You’re going to crunch numbers that Thyme, Faide, Munky, and about half a dozen others missed? I cannot wait.

Well then why don’t you post the evidence. Would save me the time