Growing Frustrations over rares/drop rates [RETAIL] [EMERALD DREAM]

There seems to be a growing amount of people frustrated with rare spawn rates and the drop rates as well, on this post below there is some valuable feedback from people regarding this issue. Is this being looked at by anyone currently?

Continuing the discussion from "Respect Player's Time" Doesn't Apply to Druids Apparently:


Personally I’m tired of the concept of rare mobs. Especially ones that have next to no HP, have long respawn times AND have low percentage drop rates for their sought-after items.

World Content has got to be shaken up more in the future.


I’ve hated long respawning rares since Legion. The amount of collectibles added in each zone such as Argus, Mechagon, Nzoth invasions, Zereth Mortis, Forbidden Reach, etc has just bloated the game each expansion. I’ve just stopped caring about collecting tbh. It all started with Timeless Isles…


The whole concept of filling the world with ‘rares’ and then making them mostly drop junk… . why? We just get more and more of them, and they are almost pointless. Several I’ve seen in the Emerald dream can be solo’d already. People were okay with them in Zaralek cavern at first, but then they nerfed the drops, and said that you could only get loot once per week but the loot would be changed to reflect that, and it wasn’t. They drop the exact same loot they did in the beginning, and that cavern turned into a ghost town overnight. It’s become the norm and it’s rather stale.


I wish this setup would become more seldom in-game. Rare hunting has lost its allure for a lot of individuals versus the novelty years and years ago when ‘Rare Hunting’ was not a circuit on a map round and round.

It feels very tired and is something that was a staple in early GW2 as endgame. Judging by that game’s population, as much as I was on the hype train myself and had a great time, the results speak for themselves.

Closing thoughts: I would retire rare spawn farming for a bit and come back to it in the world revamp when it is not treated like a tired circuit in endgame zones.

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If a player doesnt want to engage with the rare mob system, they dont have to.
There are very few things that are even remotely fomo or of an decent quality in end game.
To remove a system that is integral to lore, rp, a fundamental in rpgs in many ways. Is poor insight.
If you as a collector are feeling obliged to farm 20 rares to complete (x) criterias and you, as a player, are advocating for the removal of such systems because its an inconvienence to you. You do not belong in the conversation. Poor gaming ethics run manifest.

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I think the problem is that rares are trying to fill (at least) 2 very different roles.

One is the “daily, practically guaranteed you’ll see it thanks to short respawns, low drop chance for collectibles” which really shouldn’t be called rare because it’s not. This is the kind we’re getting absolutely drowned in and have been for years.

The other is more like traditional rares. Long and inconsistent spawn timer, you probably won’t see it every day, drops should have a higher chance but probably don’t (think TLPD and others like it). This is the type that actually makes sense for the term rare and they absolutely have a place in the game as well.

So I think at least part of the solution is to come up with a new term for the first category to clearly distinguish them and set player expectations. Right now “Rare” could mean any of the 2 or something in between, which isn’t great from a communication/intuitive understanding PoV.

I think the issue with the ‘Rare Mob System’ comes down to the fact that the mobs are indeed not rare and are on a (very) fast timer quite often. This was also the case with Zereth Mortis, of which I enjoyed but I think could be shaken up a bit (Rare Mob System) instead of the usual circuit, or removed from end-game zones altogether in favor of something new.

Not speaking as a collector because this I am not, but just as player. It would be nice to have the system switched up and to respect the word ‘rare’.

I suggested putting rare mob hunting in the revamped world because it would require players to explore non-max level zones to enjoy the benefits of rare drops, and allow the mobs to feel more rare and other regions more alive minus 1-2 of the latest end-game maps. I would also envision a longer timer to keep that rarity feeling that is lacking.

Edit: To expand on my thoughts; both you and I were pinged here.

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While I agree that the drop rate of many of these are terrible and dont represent the value of player time farming them.
I dont believe its a problem. That needs to be fix.
The amount of ! I see in so many threads that cry thunder dont truly showcase the reality of the system and a real need for removal or change, in so many cases.

Valid points from everyone here. Overall I think we can all agree that rares could use a little bit of looking at. As of right now theres no power linked to rares just mostly cosmetics and stuff like that but that is extremely important to some.


As someone who has JUST NOW completed the rare farm form grind. I can say without a doubt, this HAS to change. I used two accounts to double dip on these forms because I did not want to sit around an entire day just to complete the grind on 6 max level druids a day. Most people do not have that luxury.

For proof that I’ve actually gotten them all so people don’t say “You just want everything handed to you blah blah blah” We DONT want everything handed to us. We want an easier system aka lower respawn rates. You can keep the same drop rate and the daily loot lock out but making the rares respawn sooner is NOT asking for them to just hand us the drops. Again the rares would keep their daily loot lock out and their drop rates. Faster respawn rates just allow us to go do other things when we’re done with our rounds instead of sitting there waiting for a spawn for 2 hours at each rare.