GRIZZLY, the infamous premier North American Guild from the Vanilla WoW Private Server scene is recruiting for Classic.

We are a hardcore Guild with many years of Vanilla experience. We are far and away the best North American Guild on any Vanilla server to have ever existed. Some of our achievements, across several realms, include:

-Server and NA first raid clears
-Server first level 60s
-Server first rank 13/14s
-Hold server best raid speed clears and DPS records

We are looking to take our talents to Classic and compete for world first raid content clears and pure domination of our chosen server in all aspects. As such, we are looking to expand our already large community by adding many like-minded individuals that will contribute to our cause.

Classic Achievements:

-Server 1st Molten Core (Stalagg), World 4th (Day 6)
-Server 1st Onyxia, World 3rd
-#5 NA Molten Core Speedrun (One speedrun in all of Classic, no PTR)
-Server 1st R14s
-Server 1st BWL, Top 10 World

–We are recruiting all classes for competition and contribution in multiple raid groups, emphasis on strong Fury Warriors & 1 Holy Paladin-


-Able to play your class and not let the Guild down
-Be able to handle banter and humor
-Have the ability to take criticism and follow directions
-90%+ attendance raiding at 9pm EST (one raid night per week once raids are cleared)
-Always bring required consumables to get the most out of your class
-Don’t be loot hungry (you’ll get that DFT eventually)

Raid times: Monday & Tuesday 9pm EST

Loot is done by loot council in a fair manner that will best benefit the guild.

As of Tuesday, December 31st we have transferred from Stalagg (RIP NA Flamelash) to Sulfuras

Apply here: https: //forms. gle/NeAtCAztQ6XQ4Vom9

Mandatory viewing:

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Pretty much the entire server dislikes Grizzly on this server. If poor sportsmanship, griefing players nonstop on both sides and in general lacking respect towards other players interests you, this is the guild for you.


Looking to recruit 1 strong Fury Warrior & 1-2 Holy Paladins

Might have better luck finding players transferring servers again.

There’s queues on sulfuras again. Go grief another server nerds.


lol you’re own fkn faction is telling you to piss-off… sucks to suck.

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Wait times again! Lovely

Lotta very upset Horde players in this thread. Still looking for 1 Holy Paladin & 1 Fury Warrior

still looking huh? how many applications did you get from this thread… ::crickets::

They’re stuck in queue.

these guys do nothing but grief players all day every day.


try* to, they arent good at it

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/crying out in khaleesi voice…

yes, thats what it sounds like over here.

If being the most toxic, sweaty, losers the game will allow you to be is your idea of min-maxing, then join Grizz today! All it requires is 14-18 hour play sessions daily and make sure to forget what it’s like to interact with humans outside of a computer.

Imagine calling yourself the greatest US vanilla guild to have ever existed in a 16 year old game after years of grinding the content on private servers and still only having server firsts on a server you later transferred off of to your name xD


also recruiting good players of the brown class