Grinding isn't content, content is content

Lacking Artifact Power to unlock a desired effect on your weapon? Go grind Maw of Souls for 6 hours a day.
Can’t get your most desired Legendary because you only got the ones that negatively impact your DPS? Just keep playing, maybe by the end of the expansion it’ll drop, when we conveniently implement a way to get them super easily through a vendor.
Did we just nerf your favorite spec that you have grinded your Artifact for? Don’t worry, just do double the amount of Maw of Souls on another spec that you just now started playing, because our nerf just made your favorite spec super bad! Or you probably just desired to play another spec but now that spec is weeks, if not months, behind on the power grind.
Lacking Azerite Power to unlock a desired effect that you have already unlocked but you got a higher ilvl variant so you need to unlock it again? Go grind Island Expeditions for 6 hours a day.
Couldn’t get your BiS Azerite piece again? Don’t worry, just do a weekly +15 twice for another chance at a reroll! Or, wait for 8 weeks * 3 to get it guaranteed, by which point, we have a new tier!
Did we just nerf your BiS Azerite powers that you spent months grinding for? Don’t worry, just grind them out again!
Didn’t get your favorite Corruption proc? Just do another Worldquest, you’ll never know when it’ll drop!
Didn’t get your required Warforge or Titanforge procs on a World Boss trinket that is only up once a month, and the trinket in question happens to be BiS for the majority of classes and specs? Well :-]

I’m going to stop listing examples. You know what I’m talking about. Artifically extending gametime is not content, artifically extending gametime is the dead giveaway that you don’t have enough content to support the game. And the very reason why you don’t have enough content is because you spent too much time creating systems that only exist to artifically extend gametime. While Legion managed to pump out actual content on a regular basis, I know TONS of people who have quit because the grinding was just a horrible experience. That is not even mentioning BfA or Shadowlands.

I know I already talked about this in many of my posts, but I believe this post serves as a clear cut message of what goes through players’ heads. If you can’t comprehend what players feel, you will never have any idea how to please them.