<Grim Batol Surfers> 10/10 N 9/10 H CN

Name: Grim Batol Surfers
Faction: Horde
Realm: Tichondrius
Voice Comms: Discord
Raid Days: Tuesdays/Thursdays

Raid Times:
Start: 7:00 PM (PT)
End: 10:00 PM (PT)

Current Raid Progression and Needs:
Normal Castle Nathria 10/10
Heroic Castle Nathria 9/10

We are looking for more members to fill out our raid roster so we can shoot for AoTC. We are in need of both dps and healers. We have a friendly and active community that consistently runs torgast, keystones, and helps one another gear. Though our raid environment is relaxed, it is also focused and driven to meet goals. Raiders are expected to come prepared with gems/enchants, food, flasks, etc. (feasts and cauldrons will be provided as guild resources allow) and a positive attitude.

About Our Community:

We are a rag-tag crew of misfits that just didn’t fit the norm of how other guilds seem to operate today. We have a zero-tolerance policy for toxicity and drama here. There are no elitist, ‘I’m holier than thou!’ attitudes. If you think you’re better than everyone else, then you stand alone and should probably find somewhere else to go. We’re a family…and we’re welcoming you to be part of that!

One of the most important things you need to know about us is that we are a very inclusive guild that takes real life limitations into consideration. Many of our guild members have disabilities, health problems, IRL issues, etc. that can affect their overall gameplay and the amount of time they can put into WoW. If you intend to join our ranks, you need to be understanding of this and not be disrespectful. In past expansions, we have achieved AOTC while still holding true to these ideals. At the end of the day, we are a family and we look out for one another – first, foremost, and always! We are here to encourage one another to do better in-game and in life through constructive criticism and understanding. This is a community that cares about more than just your dps, hps, ilvl, etc. You are a PERSON, not just a number in the roster.

We look forward to hearing from you!

If you are interested in joining GBS, contact:

Community: Hillery#11208
Raiding: Medusa#1479
PvP: Kovacz #1233

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I joined GBS roughly 3 months ago, I found out pretty much right away that GBS operates on what i like to call a Vanilla WoW mindset. With this mindset the members of GBS help one another regardless if they benefit from helping or not. I have hopped from guild to guild realm to realm because i was told those guilds operated the same way. I found out really fast that those guilds dont operate the way GBS does.

GBS members help each other in any way shape or form regardless if they benefit from the runs or not. Many guilds will promise to help gear you and with that they only run a few dungeons or BG’s with you then you wont hear from them again, with GBS promises are kept. If issues are being caused they WILL be dealt with, but keep in mind if you only want a group to push hard content and get a high success rate and raider io score then this is NOT the place for you! We are here to help each other progress even if it means our Raider io score plummets.

If you are new to WoW and just learning or if you are returning and never pushed harder content or ever completed a Mythic or M+ dungeon and you have no idea what to interrupt or what the mechanics are for the fights then GBS is a great place because we help one another improve.


If for any reason you do not hear back right away from the btags listed, contact: beddhead#1810 instead. :slight_smile:

Ever dance with a gnome in the pale moonlight? Done the boogie woogie with a tauren until you were lactose intolerant? Either way, if you’ve read this far you’re the friend I need!

Also, Hillery is a butt toucher.

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Still looking for healers: Preferred RDruid Rshammy, also still looking for any lock/mage spec along with any melee dps, Everyone is welcome regardless of spec!

Come on home little surfers! :smiley:

Still actively recruiting the above specs, Tonight we achieved our Normal CN Goal, and started on Heroic CN currently 2/10 H CN

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I’m so proud of all of you guys! <3 You worked hard and kept a great attitude, even while helping others to catch up. That’s what we’re all about! Amazing job!

First of all,

I really appreciate all of you guys at GBS. You are a group of really kind, generous, smart, witty, and funny players. You guys have shown me really cool add-ons and whispered me tips/tricks.

GBS is full of experienced players that FREELY and EAGERLY give help. The guild chat is always bustling with PVP groups, transmog, raid, mythic keys, and tonight we did some guild achievements.

The guild is VERY noob friendly ( I am a noob and they haven’t booted me yet, no matter how many times I die or get them killed).

10/10 would recommend.

10/10 for conversations

100/10 for quality of people

^ really quick caveat…I have yet to be on a discord channel where people weren’t laughing and having a great time .

I appreciate everyone here.

Special thank you to my shipmate Kovacz, beddhead, and Hillery.


I’m so glad that you found a home here! <3

We’re also looking for a couple more DPS as well as a healer, so feel free to reach out to Hillery or myself if you’re interested in joining <3

This guild name is absolutely EVERYTHING.

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Lmao! Thank you <3 I’m glad that you like it!

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Great place to come and get AOTC if you are looking for a chill, fun and supportive atmosphere :slight_smile: Stop banging your head against the wall pugging and come make some new friends!

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In some cases, a family! :3