Graveyard Camping in AV Nerfed?

Not really, it just causes people to shrug and move on to another game. Hastening the decline of this one.


This is why pvp has always been a minigame, you cant even pretend to balance it while seperating factions.

Arena in TBC and BGs in the future will realize this and let people from the same faction face each other.


This is what you fix blizz?

You griefed the community when you released this garbage mode of AV. Go hotfix yourselves.


It’s hilarious to see this language used in conjunction with a video game.


There’s only one GY in WSG and camping it has always been fine. Unsportsmanlike, dishonorable, whatever. It’s PvP. That used to be how Blizzard saw it, and now they’re making explicit changes to Classic in the opposite direction.


To an extent. Camping the WSG GY so your team can capture the flags and win the match asap, is pvp. Camping the GY and holding the flag so you can endlessly kill, is griefing.

Make no mistake, this change was very likely prompted by Alliance premades camping the Horde cave for literal hours after every single objective on the map was cleared. There is no doubt that their intent was anything other than to try and make other players miserable. In my mind it’s Blizzard firing a warning shot to cut out unsportsmanlike behavior or they will go further.


The whole “I’m no longer rewarded for being a jerk” mentality is great. I hope Blizzard keeps this up!


To be fair, I think most of us want a community driven voting model that keeps their ideas out of it, or at least at bay.

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Yes it will.

They have lost touch with the motivations and drives that attracted so many of us to the Vanilla game . . . . and caused so many to abandon WoW when it bent so strongly toward being a PVE game for collectors and dress up.

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To be fair, I wouldn’t trust the community to vote on where to order lunch.


This. People need to stop using the word griefing for things that have nothing to do with griefing.

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Then why did Blizz suggest it was sanctionable behavior in their notification of change?

Another example of why No Changes was such a strong and popular mandate. Modern Blizzard developers do not understand the attraction of the Vanilla game.


Because Blizzard is infected by the same stupidity that their community is.

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What a cop out.

To try and justify an unnecessary change.

It’s not like GY camping in BGs is a new concept, it’s been happening since they were released back in 05 so if you ask me the current devs are objectively wrong in their reasoning because like I said it was happening back in Vanilla so you can’t say “oh they would of made this change” when we can go back and see that they didn’t.

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See, you went and ruined a good thing.

Look, I have always supported premades and doing what you need to do go get in, get your honor and get out.

That screenshot right there is exactly why the broke 40 man raid groups in AV in Vanilla. Well part of the reason.

I am not saying it is wrong. I am not saying it is bad. I am just telling you from what i remember their response to that screenshot from above was to break the Q system, not allow raids to join and constantly breaking every addon they made to circumvent it.

I have no idea if this group of 40 just doesn’t remember or only played private servers but this behavior was well documented in the past. I never posted it before because i didn’t want to give any body any ideas but if that is what you decided to do with your premades then whatever happens next is on you.


What if I said i’d like to go to the IF taverns for lunch?

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If you’d said the Slaughtered Lamb in Stormwind you would have restore my trust in people, but, alas…

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Before you get your knickers in a bunch over my response realize this. I don’t care if someone gets Corpse Camped in the open world.

I don’t care if someone get gy camped in a BG.

If you don’t like it you can AFK out or log out.

It is part of the game and i promise you at the end of the day I am probably the least likely person in this convo to get camped so this isn’t a kneejerk reaction because pvp happened on a pvp server.

That being said, through out vanilla Blizzard did everything they could to prevent gy camping in bg’s.

You can spout off no changes all you like but the truth is #nochanges means #nogycamping and like i said Blizzard has a looooooong documented history of BG changes to prevent this.

I think this first “fix” is a warning shot that all the forum QQ is actually making it up the mountain.