Gotta Love Campers!

So ya was getting camped by a stupid druid in WM today, got killed about 30 times, in Thousand needles by this druid who was 300k hp so not well geared.

Hop on my Mage (this character I’m posting on) who is 516k hp, and completely destroy him and give him a taste of his own medicine by killing him about 6 times.

Guess what happens next; He whispers me on his alliance character begging me to stop killing him LMAO.

For real though. If you are killing low level players and camping them for over 30 mins, you must really suck at PvP.



Yep. For some reason, I also was thinking of campers… instead of pvp. >.<


What a stinker! When I get camped, I usually just log out and play another character or do something else.

Inb4 lots of unoriginal sayings like “If it’s red, it’s dead!”

Poor Little Red Riding Hood.


PvP happened in warmode. What else is new? 🤷


You let the guy kill you 30 times? My limit is once. You are in control over him.


it is always a great bringing your main out to camp the camper. I love it.

I have 2 accounts and usually am leveling lowbies on my 2nd account, so I can keep the camper busy killing my alt while I fly out on my druid to smack him around a bunch.

and I’m tenacious. I’ll follow some scummy ganker around an entire zone killing him over and over.

always a good time.


I win by wasting more of their time than mine.

During wod I was picking flowers in Western Plaguelands on a 30 something druid on a pvp server and got ganked. I came back and saw there were 4 guys camping my corpse. Logged off and logged into a character that spent the night in Ashran. Came back, they were still there, but now they were hovering overhead on their flying mounts. Rezzed and immediately went into prowl. And got away. 4 max level players wasted 8 hours camping the corpse of a lowbie while I wasn’t inconvenienced in the least, and got away. I won that one.


At this I would have been like “if you don’t want it done to you, don’t do it to others”. Really, people who camp then complain when they get camped reek of “it is only fair if I win” and deserve whatever they get.

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They can dish it out as long as they don’t run into people with proper gear. That’s why they try to pick easy targets. I killed some 380 ilvl demon hunter who thought it would be great fun killing Baradin base camp level 85 npc’s, not realizing there was a guardian multibox team stealthed there.


Campers, meh, I prefer a good old tent.

Its one of those things of getting on my main, dude fly’s away, and a dance of swaping until I finally net them and kill them on my main.

So true, it shows they are just horrible at pvp XD

Ouch… thats not fun.

That’s what she get for not giving cookies to the big bad wolf. The wolfy was trying to save her by eating her cookies so nobody can gank her. :slight_smile:

Wait a minute, hold on. :thinking: /Takes a quick glance at the book.

Oh he wants to eat her. :neutral_face:

Ehh, same thing. :grin: /shuts the book and tosses it over his shoulder.

But, when I’m out in the wilds with my tent, camping, I’m a camper…

Well I’d say you were “lucky” you were able to have your Mage get in the same Warmode shard as your low level character and that druid.

WM made it almost impossible anymore to do the “bring my main” thing because often times you’re just going to get thrown in random WM shards and can’t do that unless you have a friend you can invite to your group or have 2 accounts like Annastasi.


So there I was, Hot Pocket in my gullet when I see this person. Now the girl in my psychology college class didn’t like my Cheeto-stained fedora, I bought her a rose and everything. She had the audacity to tell me she has a boyfriend.

So I went to WoW, after setting my Jaina Body Pillow down on the extra chair I have so she can watch, I start camping this noob, lulz druids are so broken!

And this jerk has the CLOUT…THE C L O U T to start fighting me? Come on, he doesn’t know my struggle!

Now I’ve lost my appetite, I really wanted to finish this Hot Pocket.

How dare you!

Mind so blown I think this is all I have left.

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It was great fun.

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I would love a motor home!

Honestly, you get no sympathy from me. Turn WM off.
that said, I agree.
Gankers know they cant PvP against anyone their own level or they’ll get smoked. so they get the ego boost ganking lowbies.
Pretty sad