Gotta Love Campers!

Two players were ganking my wife one day in EK…duskwood / Stranglethorn border area. Lots of ganking there on our server before WM.
I fired up a high level character while she was dealing with them and flew to the area and hid in the tree tops. Guess they werent paying attention very well.
Dropped down as they were stalking her again and smoked them both, lmbo.
Honestly did get a kick out of doing it to them knowing they were too chicken to to pvp with someone their own level.

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I also hate campers.

It’s barely even camping at that point. Just get a hotel.

To my Tom, “Camping” is when room service ends at midnight. :stuck_out_tongue:

Good time for one of my favorite videos:


No minibar and the pool is closed

Camping, not recommended for Druids.


This is literally every world pvp action I’ve ever been involved in. My favorite was when I and my brother were waylaid by 2 enemies right about our level. They killed us both. Twice. Third time we killed one of them before we both died. They hearthed by the time we got back to our corpses. Wasn’t fun anymore apparently as soon as they took even a light L, and we were hyped, we’d have gone back and forth like that for awhile but they wimped out just like every ganker in this game does.

TL;DR: If they’ve bothered to camp or gank you, they definitely cannot be bothered to legit fight you.

Honestly if you killed this druid 6 times in a row they deserve to be camped. Druids are the easiest class to get away from campers with instant cast flight form, stealth, and if near water water form. How this druid couldn’t manage to escape the OP is truly mind boggling with all the tools druids have at their disposal.

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