Gotta cage 'em all

I’m in the market for dealing pets in my quest to 1600.
They’ve all had their shots and most of them don’t bite.
The economy here, as you guys know, is a bit rough and server hopping isn’t something I want to really do.
So, I’m in the racket of buying/selling/trading.
Currently WTS or trade equal-ish value:
Cursed Dune Watcher lvl 25
A Horde Argent Tournament pet of your choosing
Mulgore Hatchling

Most Nazjatar drops
Most professions pets from the last few expansions (or, if you have patterns I can get mats and will give tip)
Misc Protoform pets

Just drop a line if theres any interest!

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no replies :frowning:
guess I’ll have to play the Sarah McLachlan song