Got disconnected on character lobby

I have been waiting for 6 hours to jump on Fairbanks server for classic wow. Finally logged on and got disconnected. Tried logging back on and am now 12,000 in queue. Can’t just jump into any other server as ALL servers are full or at capacity. What is going on Blizzard. I love the game and want to play with my friends and family. This is really making me regret my decision to come back to wow. I’m aware it is the first couple of days of releasing classic wow. If this server pop cap doesn’t get fixed, You will lose more trust in your fan base and loyal customers of your games.

There were lots of warnings that the log into several servers would have waits, and that they were trying to keep populations healthy, should that popularity fade over time.

Though if you look at the Classic forums, you can see they are also working on adding more servers.

Just don’t expect 200 active classic servers overnight.


You technically should be able to jump back into queue at approximately where you left off. We have seen some reports of it not always happening though and it is being looked into. I’m afraid I don’t have any additional news.


With virtualization, they can spin up thousands of servers in minutes according to their architecture…it’s the choice not to which is the problem.

Yeah it doesn’t exactly work that way. Nor does simply opening up additional realms properly address the issue.

as Ion covered in his post here:


Of course, but even hardware of todays standards has limitations, even with layering. There are posts with new servers being added though, so hopefully the queues will lessen over time.

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Thanks for your response. Got us messed up paying for membership when we are stuck in queue more than we are playing. Someone is smiling straight to the bank. Not sure of the subscriptions, but i’m estimating that my realm has 12,000 in queue with 6,000 players in. That is quite the number of revenue being brought in by classic players.

It’s great that you’re defending the multi-million dollar company against their loyal subscribers. I for one am SUPER glad I’m paying $15 per month to sit in a line from 5pm when I get off work until 1AM when I’m actually able to play.

I feel we’ve gotten off track here so I’ll be closing the thread.

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