Goodbye Trust lvl 3


I’m feeling real blue right now. Not because I’m a Draenei now but because after server/faction swapping for Mythic raiding my trust lvl 3 is now gone. No more gifs or image posting until I earn it back. :sob:

Anywho, For the light! For the Alliance! Down with the Banshee Queen!(I still love you) And all that jazz.


Did you try making a character of the same name on the server you transferred off?


This is the same name


Same server?


Oh from my previous server? No, I dont think that would work but I’ll try it later tonight anyway

(Hamstar) #6

Wait…trust level is based per character and not by account?..

(Annastasi) #7

It’s tied to name-server, and it is not account wide

Kind of a dumb system. I transferred my main a couple weeks ago, and basically had to leave this mage behind because I didn’t want to lose the forum trust.

I don’t post cat gifs, but darnit one day I might want to!


How do you post gifs without linking them?

(Xoja) #9



(Annastasi) #11

You have to link them. Trying this. No idea if it will work.



The link has to include the .gif portion.

(Annastasi) #13

Wait a minute… That an awfully funny looking cat


Why link cat stuff when there’s bunny things to link?

(Xoja) #15

I find it easiest when I do “open in new tab” and copy that link. Only had a couple times where it didn’t work.


just came by to say, this is just unbelievably adorable.

that is all.

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(Levíathan) #18

That’s something that the Web team hopes to change.

Because all the previous games that have switched to the new forums use the singular Battletag, it was a bit of an issue making Wow function the same way due to using multiple character names. They’re looking to make it more account level based.


Got trust lvl 3 on my rogue months ago, however I renamed him due to name confusion in my guild. It took a few days for the name change to hit the forums then instantly trust lvl 3 gone. After that grind, I don’t care to try again for it and just been posting on this toon. Should be account bound :confused:

(Hamstar) #20

I feel like I should be working on trust level for multiple characters then. Just incase I am forced to link a cat picture so cute and adorable that Blizzard has no choice other then to ban me over it.