"Good players wont keep raiding"

That’s not an argument. Retail is bad but not necessarily because of every single feature it has.

Though I will say their group finding mechanisms are awful. If it is implemented in that fashion, they should just not even do it. There’s actually a decent way is to do these things. And group finding is not unique to retail, so you’ll have to think of another argument.

The content gets cleared the same as any other group clearing it. The difference is that only people with money get items.

That’s literally pay to win.

Bro, just quit SoD, lol.

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I haven’t seen any SR pug clearing Heroic Lich King. I’ve seen GDKPs do it though.

No, it was both. Blizzard specifically mentioned both.

The same reason not to have LFR is the same reason not to have GDKP. Here, Ill let a blue fill you in:

Just replace GDKP with LFR.

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Okay. GDKPs are banned for good reason in SOD, but I bet raids still get cleared.

We don’t need you guys lol

If gdkps get banned there will be more pugs. On wild growth currently there are very few gdkps, and i have no issues pugging my 4 toons each lockout. They always go 7/7 and have not once lost someone mid raid to loot.

Could you find a terrible pug, sure! I have definitely done crap gdkps too in classic tbc/wotlk.

Guess i dont see how this change blows up your play or mine at present


Ban the AH next. A lot of RMT gold flowing through there too.

Nope just GDKP.

GG here too.

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Wait till i’m right little bro.

Your tears will be great

Yours already are



whoa there buddy, slow your roll. you keep that group finder trash far away from my vanilla.


None of those items are BoPs earned through raiding. BoP items literally exist because they didn’t want people buying the best loot in the game for gold.

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Pretty sure he has, three or four times.

Fingers crossed for number 5 then

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I’m not crying. I’m laughing at your future grey parses being gatekept by me or someone like me.

That guy is the guy who hates GDKP for “bad reasons”.

Yes, some people hate GDKP for “good reasons” (and I get it, hence why I’m mostly unbothered about the whole thing), but many people hated it for “bad reasons”, aka they are bad and they think somehow banning GDKP gives them a chance to get invited to a group. That guy is the grey parse guy I mentioned.

They will never be satisfied until Blizzard forces people to carry them.

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