Good luck; have fun

for the first time in several years I won’t be attending the opening night of a raid, which is still a bit weird
but, I still want to wish all the guilds good luck and and hopefully the RNG gods bless you this tier


Our first night is this Friday. Thanks for the well wishes. Our first kill will be in your honor!

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With our one night a week raid schedule we ended last night at 8/9 normal and ran out of time.

Pretty easy raid imo. Didn’t get to see the last boss though.

been very loosely keeping up and it does seem pretty simple, guilds seem to be going thru 3/4 of normal with no issues
but, that seems to be the design anymore, with heroic amped up a bit and then mythic being the true test and end game
but regardless, grats!, you’re further than i am :smiley: lol

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