Gong Ringing Soon on Some Realms


Since the Ahn’Qiraj content went live with the last weekly reset, we’ve been closely following the progress made by players on every realm. In particular, we’re looking forward to the ringing of the gong on the five realms in this region that have completed their War Effort and will see supplies delivered to Silithus by 11:00 a.m. PDT tomorrow:

  • Sulfuras
  • Skeram
  • Incendius
  • Netherwind
  • Earthfury

They are listed above in the order that they completed turn-ins, which began the 120-hour-long process of transporting supplies.

We expect that players will begin ringing the gong on those realms soon after the weekly reset tomorrow, and that will begin the 10 Hour War, during which additional players who meet the requirements to do so may also ring the gong. At the end of the 10 Hour War, the 20- and 40-person raids will open on those realms.

We also expect that Silithus is going to be a packed house on those realms, and players who are below level 60 will be the first to be ported out. We’ll be looking for streamers who are participating on each of them, so please feel free to reply here if you spot a good stream for everyone to watch.

Good luck to everyone who’s trying to be the first to Bang A Gong!


first 12345678910

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Cool thanks man.

I’ll participate, but our realm is nowhere near complete

Can’t wait to see the no-lifers raging in chat tomorrow about the shoddy connectivity.


So don’t tell me, the zone limit wont apply to streams with large viewer counts…?


This is more likely a reference to getting world first guilds competeing a streaming platform.


Those are top guilds. They’ll probably be first to down C’Thun in 2-3 hours?

Look forward to being the first ones in and testing the raid, China didn’t look so good lol.

Will the raids actually be avaible AFTER the 10 hour war? Or right when the gong is rung the first time?

I only ask because you said old epics wouldn’t DE into Nexus Crystals and you were pretty wrong on that, so it’s hard to take any information from the blues as fact.

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Why? So you can continue your streamer privilege antics?


I’m sure a few streamers still don’t have beta

theres no secret on Earthfury. The Alliance bow before the great Kenw


So I should log in at reset to hopefully stay in the zone is that what this is saying? and it’s going to be 11am and not 11pm on all 5 of these realms?

I have to admit I’m not excited in the least for the gate opening or the raid, the entire thing felt rushed to me on top of the permanent same faction server split that happened on my server. If I could transfer off and get a real gate opening experience I would but since I won’t leave my horde guild and I’m ranking my alliance that’s not going to happen. Oh well, I’ll pretend to be having fun for those I play with.


The transfers from Incendius murdered Earthfury. Its a toxic train wreck.


i have so much respect for skeram horde right now, those boys dont quit

So it doesn’t go by when they turned in? its just a Overall Start general time?

No words can express the level of hate I have toward this decision.


what does this time have to do with anything ???

this is the time that should matter.

Earthfury will have 16 Scarab Lords. Counting Coalition to Non-Coalition

wait till you guys realize streamers are likely going to be given protection from getting ported out of silithus due to population caps.

buckle in, folks - the dumpster fire has barely begun!